After Furor Over Its ‘Black Olives Matter’ Gear, Restaurant Jumps The Snark At A Whole New Level

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A lot of small business owners might have backed down, issued an apology, asked for forgiveness, or even pulled the shades and locked the doors after setting off such a firestorm of controversy.

But not this guy — not this guy who runs this small restaurant in New Mexico.

In fact, instead of trying to lay low after the “Black Lives Matter” controversy that his daring play on words generated, the owner of Paisano’s in Albuquerque has cooked up another marketing dish to keep his eatery’s name in the news.

Rick Camuglia first started getting headlines in mid-July, when he put a notice on the restaurant’s marquee touting a house specialty – Ahi tuna topped with a black olive tapenade.

The marketing message that really stirred the pot, especially with cause-driven liberals and black activists easily offended by humorous free speech?

“Black Olives Matter.”

As The Point reported, social media was set on fire faster than a commercial kitchen where fry oil has been spilled all over the hot stove.

So what does this celebrated and hated entrepreneurial restaurateur do for a second course when the first was so provocative? He proudly posts another notice on his marquee, this one about the black comedian who was the emcee for America’s black president at the most recent black-tie White House Correspondents Dinner.

Despite enjoying such a high-profile gig for such a high-powered host as Barack Obama, Larry Wilmore wasn’t able to turn that exposure into success with his late-night talk show on Comedy Central. Wilmore’s show — often a vehicle for a nasty diatribe against Republicans — was abruptly canceled this week, just a year and a half after it was launched with great fanfare as the replacement for “The Colbert Report.”

Wilmore’s Correspondents Dinner act did about as well as his Comedy Central show — one report noted how it drew “groans and grimaces” from the audience. So Camuglia has a message for the unemployed black comic: Paisano’s is hiring.

After “The Nightly Show” goes dark, Wilmore has a prospect for work if he wants it, though the nature of that potential employment hasn’t been made clear.

Image Credit: Facebook/Paisano's

Image Credit: Facebook/Paisano’s

Presumably, Paisano’s Italian eatery can afford to put on the extra staff because of all the money Camuglia has been raking in from the sale of that wildly popular “Black Olives Matter” gear.

Fantastico. And only in America.

Just remember, don’t accept the lamestream media’s pro-Hillary hype and do not allow them to dishearten you. Make America Great Again!



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