ALERT: Hidden Obama-Clinton LGBT Agenda Just Advanced With MAJOR Behind-The-Scenes Move

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One of these days, progressives are going to learn to be careful what they wish for.

Because what they’re wishing for more and more is an all-intrusive government that forces its employees to divulge every aspect of their existence to public accounting and record keeping.

Even matters that used to be considered the most private part of American lives.

The latest example of the new Orwellian world is a push by the Environmental Protection Agency to catalogue its employees’ sexual orientation through what it calls a “ground-breaking” program to have the employees themselves report their “gender identity” for institutional purposes.

The word came in an email to employees from EPA Chief of Staff Matt Fritz, according to the Washington Free Beacon

“A professional, productive, and inclusive workplace is essential to our mission of protecting human health and the environment,” Fritz wrote, according to the Free Beacon.

“Today EPA is taking a crucial step forward and playing a leadership role for the federal government in equal employment opportunity and diversity and inclusion by piloting the collection of voluntary, self-disclosed sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) workforce data.

“When collected, safely stored, and analyzed along with other demographic information, SOGI data serve as an important resource for developing workforce engagement strategies and improving organizational performance.”

The problem is, the EPA might well have room for improving the way it operates — just ask the people whose lives and businesses suffered because of the agency’s disastrous negligence at Colorado’s Gold King Mine — but what do the sexual proclivities and preferences of the men and women who make up the EPA workforce have to do with that?

Can quotas or special advancement programs or affirmative action on the basis of sexual orientation be far behind? EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy hinted things were heading in that direction back in 2013, when she issued a memo declaring that “gay, bisexual and transgender employees serve in numerous leadership roles and play an integral part in the agency’s decision-making. The diversity of their expertise, heritage, and talents makes the agency stronger.”

This is an agency, after all, that’s supposed to be concerning itself with how many parts per million of any given carcinogen might be allowed in the drinking water, or what emissions might be poisoning the air we breathe. (Wrecking the American economy isn’t really part of its mandate, but it spends a fair amount of time doing that, too, or trying to. Some states still have the guts to fight back.)

Whether its chemists, investigators and accountants are spending holiday weekends on Fire Island or dancing to ABBA in their off hours (or texting strangers as “Carlos Danger,” for that matter) really shouldn’t be much of a concern.

Fritz’s explanation doesn’t make much sense either.

“Despite protections against discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, nationwide statistics show that employee engagement and productivity are undermined because a substantial number of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees do not feel included in workplaces and feel compelled to lie about their personal lives at work,” the memo stated. “Collecting and analyzing SOGI data can help us better understand this situation, and give us a sound basis to explore solutions that enable every employee to be fully engaged at work.”

If employees feel compelled to lie about their sexual lives at work, how is it improving matters by having them do so in the form of an institutional questionnaire? (The survey is supposed to be “completely voluntary” — at least for now.)

Details are a little scant in exactly how the survey is going to be conducted, but it’s apparently supposed to start with EPA employees in the Midwest first, then branch out to all agency offices by 2017. Hello, social engineering on steroids.

The sexual orientation information will be added to the personal information about current EPA employees, which now includes race, national origin and disability, according to the Free Beacon. Individuals applying for work with the agency will also be answering questions about their sex lives – ostensibly not as a condition of employment, surely, but don’t think it won’t be noticed.

The most disturbing thing about this whole story is that if a federal agency under a President Ronald Reagan or George W. Bush had instituted an intrusive policy like this, liberals would be screaming about Puritan witch hunts for sexual heretics who could be purged from the federal ranks.

Liberals used to understand that private information about private life is exactly that. But programs like the EPA “pilot” study show how much that’s changed. In a few years, it could well be a condition of employment throughout the federal government, especially if, God forbid, Hillary Clinton succeeds Barack Obama to the presidency.

The fact that radical progressives are now willing to justify virtually unlimited intrusion of the government into its employees’ lives is no sign of progress at all.

Always remember, don’t trust the media’s anti-Trump nonsense and do not permit them to demoralize you. Make America Great Again!



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