ALERT: Hillary’s Advantage With These Key Voters Just Took A Huge Hit – Game Change For Trump

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It’s the kind of news that can make a candidate weak-kneed and wobbly — the sort of sea change that could signal a real game change in a presidential race that continues to be thrown off balance by the constant waggings of the proverbial fickle finger of fate.

As The Point noted on Tuesday, Hillary Clinton is still holding a lead over Donald Trump in overall polling, but a race the Democrats thought they had in the bag is far from over – and the GOP nominee is making gains that should have Hillary and her campaign strategists wondering what the heck is happening.

The post-convention bounce that the Democrat ticket enjoyed seems, by many surveys of voter sentiment, to be disappearing. And what a new poll has just revealed indicates that a major weakness in the Clinton campaign is starting to show up in a key group of voters over whom the Democrats thought they had full command and control.

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll of registered voters reveals that Hillary’s favorability among women is literally tanking, with a stunning 18-point swing to the negative in just one month’s time. The relentless drip-drip-drip of scandal and suspicion is beginning to erode female support in a big way.

Clinton’s popularity among women has flipped from 54-43 percent favorable-unfavorable last month (+11 points favorable), to 45-52 percent now (+7 unfavorable); it’s the first time in a year that most women have viewed her unfavorably.

Ever since Trump’s clash with Fox News debate moderator Megyn Kelly early in the primary season, the conventional wisdom has been that the brash businessman would face a near-impossible task of gaining favor with female voters.

An article on the far-left-leaning Salon — in a late July post entitled “The general election opposition that will finally stop Trump: women voters” — confidently declared that, because more than 70 percent of registered women voters view Trump negatively, Clinton will claim the victory in November.

“It’s a numbers game, plain and simple,” read the Salon article. “Women, who make up a majority of the general population and 53 percent of voters, unsurprisingly have an overwhelmingly negative opinion of the man….”

But now in what must be, for that Salon writer, a migraine-inducing report on survey results some six weeks later, not only have the tables turned against Hillary with her female fans, they’ve been literally turned over.

The 18-point drop in popularity over just a month’s time among women voters is certainly bad enough for the Democrat candidate, but the new poll brings more bad news — a ton of it, actually — for Hillary. Her favorables among other key demographic segments whose support Democrats have taken as gospel is also slipping significantly.


“Clinton’s favorable-unfavorable rating has also flipped among those with post-graduate degrees, from 60-39 percent in in early August to 47-51 percent now. She’s now back to about where she was among post-grads in July,” ABC notes of its latest survey results.

“She’s gone from about an even split among moderates, 50-48 percent favorable-unfavorable, to a more lopsided 41-56 percent now. Among liberals, she’s dropped from 76 favorable to 63 percent favorable. And among nonwhites she’s fallen from 73 to 62 percent favorable, largely due to a 16-point drop, to 55 percent, among Hispanics.”

Those figures indicating dropping Hispanic support for the former secretary of state are particularly noteworthy, given Trump’s current push to clarify and solidify his position on immigration and how to handle the millions of illegal aliens in the United States.

If Hillary continues to hemorrhage support among Latino voters, while her backing softens among liberals, that landslide for Team Clinton that so many analysts have lately been predicting could materialize in a far different way — as an avalanche of negativity that buries the hopes of the first female occupant of the Oval Office being named Clinton.

Yes, this is the kind of news about dramatic shifts in trends and trajectories that could make a candidate weak-kneed and wobbly…she might even need help keeping her balance.

Please remember, do not believe the lamestream media’s pro-Hillary bells and whistles and never permit them to depress you. Make America Great Again!



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