ALERT: What Just Happened To Hillary At Cleveland Rally Will Ratchet Up The Talk About Her Health

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Allow me to share one more post on the Donald Trump presidential run. Make sure you keep yourself up-to-date!:


It’s inevitable. The speculation about Hillary Clinton’s health and fitness to be president — the talk about her physical condition as well as her mental acuity — will certainly fire up again after what just happened at a Labor Day rally in Cleveland.

This latest evidence that the former secretary of state may not be the picture of health comes after a number of medical experts have raised serious questions of their own. It comes after Hillary herself made a big deal of her having to deal with a medical condition when she told FBI agents — as revealed in the report made public last Friday — that she couldn’t recall State Department briefings because of a concussion and blot clot she suffered.

And it comes as she and her campaign aides and supporters have tried to paint any suggestion that she’s unwell as another vast right-wing conspiracy.

The New York Post reports that the Democrat nominee began her address in Cleveland — the Ohio city where the Republicans had nominated Donald Trump to top their 2016 ticket — with another coughing fit. It wasn’t just a few sputters either, it was a violent coughing attack that lasted nearly two minutes.

The nominee tried to blame it on her Republican opponent, managing to force out the words, “Every time I think about Trump I get allergic.”

You can watch the disturbing episode by clicking on the video below:

Concern on the left about the candidate’s health and public perception of her ability to serve in elected office is so great that CNN — fondly known as the “Clinton News Network” — demanded that its medical expert, Dr. Drew Pinsky, withdraw his comments about Clinton possibly suffering from “brain damage.”

The Daily Mail says that demand came just days before Dr. Drew’s long-running show was axed by CNN. Pinsky had done a controversial interview with a Los Angeles radio station in which he said that he and another physician were “gravely concerned” about the health and health care of Clinton — an interview which was scrubbed from the station’s website.

Just keep in mind, never believe the media’s anti-Trump partisanship and don’t let them distress you. Make America Great Again!



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