Anthony Scaramucci Tells Rachel Maddow to Take Her Meds

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That didn’t take long.

No sooner did President Trump announce a historic agreement to meet with North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un than the leftist media pounced, criticizing Trump for his diplomatic achievement.

MSNBC’s rabid partisan host Rachel Maddow was the most infuriated, telling her viewers in an unhinged rant the following:

You might think another president in this circumstance, you can imagine a president asking himself or herself, “why has no other American president ever agreed to do this? Why has no sitting American president ever met with a leader from North Korea? Why has that never happened in all the decades North Korea existed as a nation? Should I take that to mean that this might be particularly risky or even an unwise move?”

Former White House Communications Director Anthony Scaramucci took direct aim at Maddow’s incoherent thoughts on Fox and Friends this morning, joking that Maddow is afflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome and that she needs to take her meds.

Here’s what he said regarding Maddow’s crazy comments: “But you can tell she has a little bit of that Trump Derangement Syndrome which I like. I’m hoping one of these comedians will come up with an anti-anxiety medication for these liberals, Just take one tablet a day, maybe a suppository, and take it easy. It’s morning, had to wake everybody up with that.”


You can see the entire interview below:

Liberals immediately pulled their brains out their ears, threw the grey-gooey mess on the ground, and started shrieking violently on Twitter:

Well, I thought it was a tad funny, but, then again, I don’t think comedy is dead, unlike humorless liberals. But it looks like the tough-talking Mooch isn’t so tough after all:

Word of advice, Mr. Scaramucci: the left doesn’t give a damn about your apology. Saying sorry won’t get you in their good graces.

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