Black Lives Matter thugs assault reporter covering riot in St. Louis: ‘Scariest moment in my career’

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st. louis riot verdict black lives matter reporter dan gray

Dan Gray, a local news reporter in St. Louis, Missouri, saw his life flash before his eyes when an angry mob of Black Lives Matter thugs surrounded him on Friday afternoon.

“Scariest moment in my career,” Gray recounted on Twitter. “Protesters upset about not-guilty verdict for an officer accused of killing a suspect, turn on me and media.”

Gray later told Fox 2 he was hit by three water bottles, including one hurled at the back of his head.

st. louis verdict black lives matter riot protest reporter dan gray

Fox 2 reporter Dan Gray said he was hit by water bottles in St. Louis. (Image: screengrab from Fox 2 Twitter video)

The protesters were furious after federal judge Timothy Wilson found Jason Stockley, a white police officer, not guilty in the 2011 shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, a black youth. Judge Wilson has ruled both for and against police during his 28 years on the bench.

As protests and angry confrontations with police erupted across St. Louis, Gray was besieged by Black Lives Matter thugs simply for doing his job. And apparently, for being a white male.

“You know you shouldn’t be over here!” one angry man yelled at Gray. “You should get your ass back where you belong! Get ‘yo ass away! Get the f-ck out of our movement!”


Dan Gray escaped uninjured. But the incident is emblematic of the escalating racial tensions raging across the United States.

Fueling the racial animus is reckless, inflammatory rhetoric by the irresponsible mainstream media, which label anyone they disagree with as “racist,” “white supremacists,” or “neo-Nazis.”

Case in point: ESPN’s Jemele Hill, who maliciously defamed President Trump and his entire administration — including renowned black neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson — as “white supremacists.” You don’t even have to be white to be labeled a white supremacist by today’s radical-left moonbats.

Black professor gets the difference between whites who are tired of being browbeaten and real racists

The anti-police Black Lives Matter movement started in 2014 following the shooting death of black youth Michael Brown by white police officer Darren Wilson.

st. louis riot black lives matter

BLM hoodlums smashed windows, set fires, and vandalized property to protest alleged police brutality in St. Louis. (Image: screengrab)

Rioting and violent protests erupted nationwide. Residents of the predominantly black community of Ferguson, Missouri, claimed officer Wilson was let off because of systemic racism.

Meanwhile, then-president Barack Obama’s Department of Justice — whose head was black US Attorney General Eric Holder — later cleared officer Darren Wilson of any wrongdoing.

While you and I enjoyed a relaxing Friday evening after a long week, this is what leftist moonbats and Black Lives Matter hoodlums were up to.







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