Charles Drops The Hammer On Disgrace Of Latest Iran-America Clash – Obama’s Humiliating US

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Below is yet another bit of information on the Donald Trump presidential run. Always keep yourself on the ball!:


Liberals and their mainstream media apologists and advocates might not understand it, but when Republican nominee Donald Trump picks up support by promising to “make America great again,” this is what he’s talking about.

In a “high-speed” confrontation Tuesday, Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps vessels intercepted the USS Nitze, a destroyer operating in the Persian Gulf, according to CNN. And they did it with impunity.

With the clash coming so soon after the story became public of how the Obama White House shamefully decided to pay a $400 million ransom to free Americans held prisoner by Tehran, conservative author and columnist Charles Krauthammer lit into the administration’s dangerous folly. The Fox News contributor said the encounter neatly illustrated how the United States’ role in the world has been diminished and disrespected after nearly eight years of Barack Obama in the White House.

It’s psychological warfare, and we’re losing.

“Can they not stop lying about this?” Krauthammer asked on Fox News “Special Report with Brett Baier” on Wednesday.

The Obama White House has shifted its stories about how the ransom payment was made back in January — and why it was made in the middle of the night in foreign currency piled on pallets — too many times to be believed, Krauthammer said.

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“This is an administration attempting to cover its tracks, not because anything illegal happened here, although that’s possible, but because it is highly embarrassing,” he noted. “Iran has been taking advantage of this, knowing this administration can be walked over, humiliated, be forced to abandon all its red lines.”

Then he turned to Tuesday’s confrontation.

“And now, harassing our ships,” he said. “Our ships could blow ‘em out of the water without the blink of an eye. But of course, we’re not going to do that.

“There’s a psychological warfare that’s happening here. And Iran wants to show the region that it’s in charge, with its Russian allies, with Hezbollah, with Syria, on the ground, with its 100,0000 militia in Iraq, and it doesn’t have to pay any attention to the United States.

“And we have a president who goes along with it in every detail.”

Krauthammer didn’t say it, but the message is clear: If Hillary Clinton is elected president in November, we’re going to continue to have a commander in chief who goes along with this kowtowing in every detail. We’ll have an internationalist in the White House who has played diplomatic footsie with foreign governments and corrupt power players who’ll know where the Clinton skeletons are lined up.

“Walked over,” “taken advantage of” and “humiliated” are not the words most Americans have ever wanted their country to be associated with. But it’s what two terms of Barack Obama in the White House have brought us.

Not to mention the sputtering fuse of the Iran nuke deal that could blow up in America’s face at any moment.

Krauthammer is no fan of Donald Trump, of course, though he has found room for agreeing with him, like the list of proposed Supreme Court nominees Trump released in May. But that’s beside the point.

The point is that, even though liberals and the mainstream media pretend not to understand it, when Trump gains ground by promising to “make America great again,” this is exactly what he’s talking about.

Always remember, do not believe the media’s pro-Hillary line and never permit them to demoralize you. Make America Great Again!



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