Chelsea Handler Blames Republicans for Florida School Shooting

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Never let a good crisis go to waste, the liberal motto goes.

With yesterday’s deadly school shooting in Florida, liberals have once again jumped into the rhetorical fray, demanding more gun control, ripping on people offering prayers for the victims, and implying that the shooter was a Trump supporter.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a tragedy if there wasn’t a liberal somewhere screaming it’s all Trump’s fault.

Alleged comedian Chelsea Handler is doing the same, except she’s casting a wider net. Trump’s not the only person to blame for the shooting – Republicans are also at fault!

Do you get it? If you ever voted for a Republican in public office, you’re culpable for yesterday’s shooting, too. That’s Handler’s logic in a nutshell. Because, if Republicans weren’t first elected to office, they wouldn’t have the temerity to defend the Second Amendment and guarantee school shootings from here to eternity.

Handler, unable to help herself, also took a shot at President Trump:

At some point, the vitriol and scapegoating gets old. Liberals will one day have to blame tragedies on something else besides the Republican Party ad the big ol’ meanie in the White House.

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