Clinton Spox Says 4 Startling Words On Hillary Losing Consciousness As Media Circle Wagons

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In watching that now infamous video taken by a civilian bystander who saw Hillary Clinton stumble, lurch forward and virtually collapse into her van after leaving Sunday’s 9/11 tribute early, one couldn’t help but notice something about her protectors — how the Secret Service and Hillary’s other handlers closed ranks around the ill Democrat nominee.

The tight human shield surrounding the obviously ailing Hillary was certainly impressive — not only was security aspect for the party’s standard-bearer on display, but the shoulder-to-shoulder formation also prevented prying eyes from seeing what was happening after a seemingly limp Hillary was helped into the waiting vehicle.

And after their initial flurry of reluctant speculation about the impact this episode would have on the discussion of Hillary’s health and her fitness to serve as president, mainstream media voices quickly circled their own wagons. Clearly they renewed their effort to downplay the seriousness of Clinton’s medical condition. But then you have to consider what a key player in the Clinton campaign just said — four words that could fuel even more conjecture about the candidate’s well-being.

First, the rush to the rescue by mainstream media outlets whose Hillary defenses actually softened for a brief while after the Clinton collapse on Sunday (there was talk that this episode would legitimize what had been brushed aside as “conspiracy theory” debate about the candidate’s health)…

The Washington Post scurried out with a piece featuring a number of medical experts saying the reported pneumonia that Hillary has is no big deal — there were no quotes from anyone in the health care field saying the nominee’s ailment could be serious or possibly a complication from some other disorder of even greater consequence.

One of The New York Times’ pieces on pneumonia did say the illness can become quite serious, especially in older patients, but generally downplayed any lingering problem for the candidate.

“Hillary is sick, but she had two days of activities after she was diagnosed, so she’s not that sick,” said Dr. Paul A. Offit, chief of infectious diseases at Children’s Hospital in Philadelphia. He said he doubted she was infected with “the really serious bacteria that put you in a hospital.”

NPR’s coverage of the 9/11 stagger and stumble for Hillary was a classic example of leftist spin to suggest the lack of transparency for the Clinton campaign regarding the candidate’s health is in keeping with the way American politicians do things — it’s “tradition,” don’t you know.

Entitled “Hillary Clinton’s Reluctance To Address Health Issues Follows A Long Tradition,” NPR noted how Woodrow Wilson, Franklin D. Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy had kept their medical issues under wraps, thus providing a basis for Clinton to do the same.


But what’s even more serious, if you listened carefully to what Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said in response to a question from Andrea Mitchell on MSNBC Monday afternoon, were the four words Fallon said to the program anchor: “I don’t think so.”

Remarkably, instead of pushing back with whatever certainty he could muster at the moment, the Clinton mouthpiece said he was unsure whether the candidate had lost consciousness during her “health scare.”

The brief but telling exchange went like this:

“Let me ask a couple of questions,” MSNBC’s Mitchell said to Fallon during the live interview. “Did [Clinton] ever lose consciousness?

“No, Andrea, I don’t think so,” Clinton’s spokesman responded. “What I think happened — and I have no basis to question the veracity of the footage played — but from those there, I believe she was feeling hot which a lot of the other attendees described also feeling.”

So, if this official campaign source is to be taken at his word, he cannot say for sure if Hillary Clinton remained conscious after she left the 9/11 event early and was seen behaving abnormally as she was helped into her van before speeding away to daughter Chelsea’s Manhattan apartment.

With the firestorm still raging over this latest episode that’s fueling further speculation about Clinton’s condition, the candidate’s campaign has tried to calm the controversy by saying it will release details of her medical history in the next few days.

Just remember, do not believe the mainstream media’s pro-Hillary nonsense and never allow them to frustrate you. Make America Great Again!



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