Colin Powell Completely Blows Away Hillary’s Lame Email Alibi Away With 1 Key Sentence

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Who are you going to believe, Hillary Clinton or Colin Powell?

Ever since Hillary realized just how much trouble the private email server she used as secretary of state was going to cause her bid for the presidency, she has hidden behind one of the most respected names in American foreign policy to justify her email practices.

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell — the architect of George H.W. Bush’s victory in the first Gulf War, and secretary of state for George W. Bush — had used a personal email account, too, Hillary and her defenders maintained. But what the Democrat nominee told the FBI — and what Powell has now said about that — only serves to amp up the controversy and underscore Hillary’s dishonesty.

In her interview with the FBI prior to the Bureau director’s decision not to recommend a criminal indictment against her, Clinton said Powell himself had advised her to do what he did — use a private email server separate from the official government system. But in a statement released on Thursday, Powell essentially called that a lie.

According to the Hillary-friendly New York Times, which cited a source knowledgeable about Hillary’s FBI interview, Clinton repeated a story for the investigating agents that she and Powell had met at a private dinner party given by former Secretary of State Madeline Albright. It was there, said Clinton, that Powell advised her to use a personal email account, as he had done while in office.

But in true Clinton fashion, that statement appears to be a combination of parsed language, twisted truth and outright falsehood.

In his statement to The Times, Powell denies any recollection of discussing email use with Clinton at the dinner party. He also makes clear that his use of personal email was limited to non-classified matters – and that it was based on the technology available to him during his tenure at the State Department from 2001 to 2005.

By the time Hillary assumed the post in 2009, the technology situation had changed considerably – as it does at virtually every American enterprise over a four-year time span. Here’s the Powell statement in its entirety, as posted on Twitter by NBC’s Bradd Jaffy.

General Powell has no recollection of the dinner conversation. He did write former Secretary Clinton an email memo describing his use of his personal AOL email account for unclassified messages and how it vastly improved communications within the State Department. At the time there was no equivalent system within the Department. He used a secure State computer on his desk to manage classified information. The General no longer has the email he sent to former Secretary Clinton. It may exist in State or FBI files. For a complete discussion of his use of private emails he refers you to chapter 16, “Brainware” of his recent book, “It Worked For Me — In Life and Leadership,” published in 2012.

The key words here, of course, are “At the time there was no equivalent system within the department.” (Words that were somehow left out of The Times’ account – probably because they damned Hillary’s story.)

As emails obtained by the watchdog group Judicial Watch show, and as Western Journalism has reported, the State Department had numerous secure email options available for Clinton’s use when she was the country’s top diplomat, but she turned all of them down.

“Let’s get separate address or device but I don’t want any risk of the personal being accessible,” Clinton wrote.

It’s important to note that Clinton’s concern isn’t for the nation’s secrets here — it’s for her own personal information being accessible to oversight of the government she was supposed to be working for. And what exactly did she consider “personal” — communications, possibly, indicating how she was involved in a tangled web of personal enrichment and official action involving the Clinton Foundation and State Department business?

So to sum up, Colin Powell gave Hillary advice about State Department technology in the context of his time at Foggy Bottom – an eternity in computer years from when she later took office. She twisted that advice to justify her own behavior.

She also claimed that a dinner party conversation took place which Powell essentially denies.

And that’s the he-told me-to-do-it-too defense she sold the FBI? And is this new indictment of Hillary’s trustworthiness contained in the materials the Bureau has turned over to congressional investigators pushing for a perjury charge against Clinton?

Maybe FBI Director James Comey should have asked Colin Powell the way The New York Times did.

Please remember, do not believe the lamestream media’s partisanship and do not permit them to scare you. Make America Great Again!