FBI Reports Of Hillary’s Link To White House ‘Suicide’ Disappear From The National Archives

Original Source: http://www.westernjournalism.com/thepoint/2016/08/23/fbi-reports-surrounding-hillarys-link-white-house-aides-death-disappear-national-archives/

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Over a three-decade career in American public life, Hillary Clinton has amassed a public record of spite, vengeance and contempt for the truth that would make a Mafia boss blush.

It’s been documented by White House staffers and by women who accused Bill Clinton of sexually assaulting them. 

Now, a former journalist and currently a best-selling author who’s spent years investigating the Clintons and their toxic relationship with the same Secret Service agents who spend their careers protecting them, has an explosive new revelation to make.

According to Ronald Kessler, FBI reports and interviews about the role Hillary Clinton might have had in one of the most publicized and controversial deaths of the Clinton years in Washington have disappeared from the National Archives.

In a lengthy and detailed piece published Tuesday by the U.K. Daily Mail, Kessler recounts how — while trying to research the 1993 apparent suicide of longtime Clinton confidant and White House deputy counsel Vince Foster — he learned that key documents related to the investigation of Foster’s death had disappeared from official government storage.

Kessler wrote that he twice visited the National Archives in College Park, Md., seeking records of FBI interviews connected to Foster’s death. On both occasions, he received a box of records, but it was missing interviews that pertained to Hillary Clinton’s potential role in the mystery. Kessler says he was assured he was given all available FBI reports of interviews related to Foster’s death.

However, after he filed a Freedom of Information Act request to force a more thorough search of the archives, Kessler wrote, he was told that FBI records of interviews that related Hillary Clinton could not be found. Perhaps, they were simply lost, an archivist suggested.

Things apparently have a way of getting “lost” if they relate to the Clintons, Kessler wrote.

For instance, an external hard drive from the Clinton White House went missing in March, 2009, according to Kessler, leading to the archives offering a $50,000 reward for the missing material. It apparently has not been returned.

Missing things also have a way of turning up mysteriously. Americans of a certain age might remember how those billing records from the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas, Hillary’s old employer, disappeared when they were under subpoena, then ended up re-appearing in the private area of the White House. Fingerprint analysis showed the records had been handled by Hillary and none other than the late Mr. Foster. That mystery hasn’t been cleared up to this day. (It’s a pattern that sounds familiar in the summer of 2016. Records disappear, people die, the Clintons don’t come clean. How can anyone not trust these two?)

So, what is it that’s in the FBI investigators’ notes that someone might not want the public to see?

Plenty, according to Kessler. And it doesn’t make the one-time first lady look like the kind of person most Americans want back in the White House.

In interviewing Clinton White House aides and Foster’s friends and family, the FBI found that a week before Foster’s death, Hillary held a meeting at the White House with Foster and other top aides to discuss her proposed health care legislation…

During the White House meeting, Hillary continued to humiliate Foster mercilessly, according to both former FBI agents, who spoke about the investigation for the first time….

The agents’ names were Jim Clemente and Coy Copeland. Their accounts of the treatment Clinton subjected Foster to were unsparing, according to Kessler.

“Hillary put him down really, really bad in a pretty good-size meeting,’ Copeland says. ‘She told him he didn’t get the picture, and he would always be a little hick town lawyer who was obviously not ready for the big time.” …

“Foster was profoundly depressed, but Hillary lambasting him was the final straw because she publicly embarrassed him in front of others,” says Clemente.

Foster’s death has been investigated repeatedly, with no findings ever able to shake the original conclusion that he committed suicide by shooting himself in Washington’s Fort Marcy Park on July 20, 1993.

Granted, it’s hard to believe a grown man would end his own life over the shrewish behavior of a boss, even if she’s the first lady of the United States, so if Foster did commit suicide, the final blame rests on the person who pulled the trigger.

But considering Hillary’s career since Foster’s death, the disappearance of the records from the national archives has to be alarming to any American who believes in the rule of law that tries to ensure justice is administered openly and honestly.

Hillary’s hidden years as the chief diplomat of the United States will always be something of a mystery because of her deliberate use of a private email server that renders her the ultimate authority on what the public will know about the State Department during the first Obama administration.

Now, records about one of the most controversial “suicides” in recent history are incomplete – and they just happen to be the records that involve Hillary the most?

As Kessler concludes: “the presidential candidate is so nasty and abusive to her own Secret Service agents that being assigned to her detail is considered a form of punishment.”

Is that the kind of punishment American voters are prepared to give themselves in November?

It would, certainly, be self-inflicted.

Just keep in mind, don’t accept the mainstream media’s pro-Hillary lies and don’t let them demoralize you. Make America Great Again!



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