Florida Students Walk Out in Support of Second Amendment

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As you may remember from our reporting on the anti-gun “March For Our Lives,” while the March was portrayed as a youth grassroots movement, only 10% of those in attendance were actually teenagers. Statistically speaking, you were more likely to see a marcher going through a midlife crisis than a teenager at the March for Our Lives.

That’s not all too surprising, given that millennials aren’t actually anti-gun at large. In fact, millennials aren’t even more anti-gun than previous generations. The Pew Research center has consistently found that millennials are no more likely than older generations to agree that it’s more important to control ownership than protect the right of Americans to own guns.

Of course, if you’ve turned on CNN any time since Valentines Day, you couldn’t be faulted for having the opposite impression, that there’s a youth-led uprising on gun control going on right now.

But it’s not just pro-gun control millennials speaking up.

According to the Washington Times:

Dozens of students at a Central Florida high school who feel misrepresented by the anti-gun student activists in Parkland walked out of classes last Friday in support of the Second Amendment.

About 75 students, according to a head count by administrators at Rockledge High School in Brevard County, walked out of classes for about 20 minutes carrying the American flag and pro-Second Amendment signs.

This came a week after the March for Our Lives, and two weeks after thousands of students across the country participated in the National Student Walkout to protest for gun control. 

Organizers of the Rockledge march said they were disappointed that the nationwide walkout focused on calling for stricter gun control, rather than honoring the 17 victims who died. 

A number of the students at the Rockledge march supported allowing teachers with firearms experience to carry in the classroom. “If [school staff] are capable, we should allow it. They’re just going to tell us to hide during a school shooting?” John King, a student, told Florida Today“I personally believe it’s a good idea, as long as they’re trained and have the knowledge,” another student added. 

“It’s all over the news right now that all students hate guns. I wanted to show that not all students feel that way,” said Zachary Schneider, a junior. 

To little surprise, CNN didn’t manage to make time to cover this gun-related march.

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