Fox News Anchor Shannon Bream To Host Her Own Show

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The changes over at Fox News Channel keep on coming. The network has issued a press release that anchor Shannon Bream will be getting her own show, Fox News @ Night, set to air at 11 p.m., beginning Oct. 30.



According to the press release, Fox News @ Night “will be a live hour of hard news and analysis of the most compelling stories from Washington and across the country” that will “function as a capstone on today’s most consequential news, with an eye toward setting the table for tomorrow’s ever-changing developments.”

Bream, who has been with Fox News for nearly 10 years, currently serves as the network’s Supreme Court reporter and anchor of America’s News Headquarters and America’s Election Headquarters. Of the announcement, she said that she’s “delighted to bring our audience an hour of captivating television, providing viewers with a recap of the day’s most important stories and the latest breaking news.”

This is just the latest in many moves Fox News has made since the departures of people like Bill O’Reilly and Eric Bolling. Given Bream’s history with the network and her years of experience, it seems like a good move for Fox.

It’s especially good, as Fox aims to shake up its evening lineup. The network recently announced that Sean Hannity was taking the 9 p.m. spot while Laura Ingraham was given her own show at the 10 p.m. hour.

These are all exciting news for Fox!

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