Fox News Releases Statement in Support of Sean Hannity

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Fox News has finally issued a statement on the alleged business relationship host Sean Hannity had with attorney Michael Cohen, who just so happens to be President Trump’s personal lawyer and fixer.

Yesterday we learned that Michael Cohen considered Hannity a client after a judge forced Trump’s attorney to reveal his list of clients. This initially sparked a great deal of speculation. Many thought Hannity employed Cohen to shut someone up, as Cohen is well known for making hush-money payments.

It turns out that was all wrong. Hannity merely asked Cohen for advice on how to deal with a liberal-led boycott effort. That’s not exactly a smoking gun when it comes to scandal.

Fox News has finally weighed in on the affair, and released the following statement:

Some thought the exposed relationship would lead to Fox firing Hannity for not disclosing his initial dealings with Cohen. But this is a relief for Hannity to be sure. This whole thing shouldn’t have led to so much grief. Perhaps Hannity should have been more upfront about his relationship with Cohen. But the matter appears to be highly informal. Hannity asked for casual legal advice. He didn’t pay Cohen. He didn’t have him on retainer.

That statement pretty much settles the matter. Fox won’t be firing Hannity over this, much to the dismay of liberals who want to see the popular host ingloriously dismissed.

Too bad, so sad. Liberals lose again. But don’t think they’ll give up after this. They’ll keep searching for excuses to destroy Hannity and any other cable TV host who supports President Trump.

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