Gingrich Goes After Hillary’s ‘Deplorables’ Crack Like Only Newt Can – Bullseye!

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Hillary Clinton might have been forced to cough up a feeble apology for her “basket of deplorables” crack about Donald Trump supporters, but what about the audience that broke up laughing when she made it?

The well-heeled nobs who turned out for Hillary’s fundraiser in New York City – hosted by Barbra Streisand, no less – and greeted the slur so enthusiastically aren’t going to feel like they had anything to apologize for.

Because as former House Speaker Newt Gingrich told Fox News’ Sean Hannity this week, Hillary’s comment was only the latest volley in the long-running class war elite Democrats are waging against the rest of America – and Hillary knew exactly what she was doing, even if she was on pneumonia meds.

“She was creating a new class warfare of the elite intellectuals against the rest of us,” Gingrich said on Monday’s “Hannity.”

“They were playing into it because they loved thinking they were morally superior, intellectually superior, they’re certainly economically superior …

“Who are the rest of us to think we have a right to try to govern America?” asked the former congressman from Georgia.

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Well, just to get it out of the way, Gingrich himself knows what kind of crowd he’s playing to. He’s a wealthy intellectual himself — a professional history professor who’s written or co-written 27 books — and he’s done his bit governing America as House speaker, doing battle and working deals with Bill Clinton during much of the tumultuous ‘90s.

By any standard, Gingrich walks among the elite of the land, but that’s not what he’s talking about here. He’s talking about the Democrat Party of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton – and Barbra Streisand and wealthy 1% Democrat donors in New York City and Martha’s Vineyard and Hollywood – who are looking down on the rest of America by virtue of their own supposed moral superiority.

After almost eight years of the progressive Obama wielding power with a phone and a pen, and demonstrating time and again utter contempt for the Constitution, Democrats are looking to cement their hold on the workings of government. In the process, they’re showing utter contempt for the governed and a well-documented disdain for the truth, whether it’s about Obamacare, Benghazi, illegal immigration or Hillary Clinton’s physical health.

“That’s what makes this such a stunningly powerful moment in American history,” Gingrich said. “You have the combination of this whole litany of hostility with the propensity to lie. And it’s the two together that will begin to teach us just how sick modern liberalism has become, and how out of touch with reality it is.”

This brand of class warfare isn’t exactly new – there were echoes of the same spirits in the Stevenson-Eisenhower contests in the 1950s, for instance, or, Nixon’s “silent majority.” But it’s different this year because the liberals are being threatened by a formidable force from outside traditional politics.

Republican nominee Donald Trump, Gingrich said, could be the beginning of a “revolution” of his own, especially if he can build support among black voters. Without the near-monolithic support of blacks that Barack Obama enjoyed, Hillary Clinton could well lose the election.

“If Trump sticks to his guns … if he continues to crisscross the country, telling the American people the truth and then offering positive solutions, then I think he has a very real chance to break through,” Gingrich predicted.

“I think he’s right at the edge of touching some nerves that could be really a profound revolution in American politics.”

And the Clinton campaign knows it – which is why Hillary was lashing out with her “basket of deplorables” line to that crowd of superior millionaires in New York.

“They’re desperate, the whole thing is falling apart,” Gingrich said. “They’ve spent over $100 million in ads, they can’t make a dent! They’re discovering what the other 16 Republicans discovered running against Trump:

“The country’s tuned in to bigger issues, bigger themes, bigger truths, and they’re beginning to fall apart,” he said.

And whether that crowd apologizes or not, they’re going to be very, very sorry.

Always remember, don’t accept the mainstream media’s ballyhoo and don’t let them discourage you. Make America Great Again!



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