Here’s What A First-Time Voter Hears When She Asks A Bakery To Make Pro-Trump Birthday Cake

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Allow me to share yet another piece of information on Donald Trump’s presidential run. Always keep yourself aware of all the latest news!:


Casting your first ballot in a presidential race is a big deal, especially for a teenager who’s just turning 18 and is excited about supporting the candidate of her choice in a hotly contested election.

But when this 17-year-old high-schooler in Louisiana went to her local bakery and tried to order a birthday cake with the words “Trump 2016” written in icing across an American flag background, she was stunned at the reaction from the worker behind the counter.

It was the kind of response that got another bakery in big trouble with government regulators.

McKenzie Gill lives in Shreveport and is getting ready to celebrate that threshold age that lets you exercise your right to vote. She plans to pull the lever for the Republican she admires, Donald Trump, but someone at a local Albertsons grocery apparently has a problem with that.

Well, that problem turned into a Facebook post by the young woman who was refused service, and that Facebook post turned into the focus of national attention.

So, does a business have the right to refuse service on ideological grounds? Religious grounds? Any grounds at all? That question has been hotly debated since a small bakery in Oregon, Sweet Cakes by Melissa, was slapped with a $135,000 fine by an Oregon judge in April 2015 for refusing to bake a gay wedding cake for a lesbian couple.

In the case of Sweet Cakes, the state of Oregon even went so far as to go into the owners’ bank accounts and take what funds they had to operate and even live on.

The store that refused to make the “Trump 2016” cake that McKenzie wanted has offered their side of the story, making an excuse for their employee’s behavior that is, well, hard to swallow.

You can watch the video below and see for yourself what Albertsons said.

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And, yes, the soon-to-vote teenager did get the cake she wanted for her birthday…from another bakery. And she’s getting lots of attention in Louisiana and around the country – some present.

Always remember, never believe the lamestream media’s pro-Hillary push and do not let them scare you. Make America Great Again!



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