Hey, Hillary, Americans Aren’t Stupid, Your ‘Plan’ For America Is Stupid… And Here’s Why

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This insight is courtesy of our special contributor, Fred Weinberg. For more of Fred’s work, please check out The Penny Press.

Hillary has an ad running which shows America her “plan” to restore jobs to the middle class and “fix” the economy.

Her “plan” starts with “making corporations and the wealthy pay their fair share at last” and having an “exit tax” on companies that go overseas to avoid taxes. Then, she wants to take the Thirty Dollars that the exit tax brings in and build roads and bridges with it.

Ahem. Answer this question: What two groups NEED more jobs?

It’s easy. Corporations and the middle class. You can’t screw one of those groups and help the other. It just doesn’t work.

Very few members of the middle class ever got a job from a poor person.

Now, Hillary thinks she can turn the middle class against the wealthy (“Pay their fair share at last”) because she thinks voters are stupid.

What she doesn’t say in her phony baloney ads is that screwing the wealthy is like burning down your own neighborhood. (How has that worked out in Missouri and Maryland?) The wealthy — and the employers they invest in — have lawyers and accountants and will either figure out a way to go offshore or simply go out of business. Or both.

Ahhh. Hillary called for an “exit tax” on those employers who go offshore to avoid taxes.

What an original thought.

Apple holds more actual money than the United States government.

Of the roughly $200 Billion (with a B) in cash that Apple holds at any given time, about $181 Billion (with a B) is held offshore, avoiding a confiscatory 35% corporate tax rate.

What, exactly, do you think might happen if Hillary threatened Apple CEO Tim Cook (who supports her) and his board if they didn’t bring that money here on pain of some tax penalty? Here’s a hint: they wouldn’t support her any more. And, worse, they might move everything but their U.S. sales to Ireland where the tax rate is 12.5%. You know… like they already have.

The other problem with Hillary’s “plan” is that about 80% of the jobs in the United States are not created by big companies. They are created by little guys — what Hillary likes to call the “wealthy”. That’s Hillary’s real target and that’s the most dangerous part of her “plan”.

Little guys don’t have to have employees. They can make just as much money as a one-man shop in many if not most cases. Make the tax rate confiscatory and it’s just as easy for an engineer or designer or software developer to work on assignment as opposed to starting a company with employees.

Discourage the folks with skills and they will salute the economy with an upraised middle index finger.

Nobody — certainly not the likes of Hillary Clinton — can force someone to start a business and hire people. You have to create an environment where starting a business makes economic sense. Then — and only then — do people create businesses which in turn create jobs.

Today, the incentive to start a business is almost nonexistent.

The highest corporate tax rate in the free world, employment regulations out the wazoo and ridiculous regulations on just about everything else. Sure, sign me up for that.

One last thing. Only Sen. Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren is stupid enough to actually vote for this nonsense in Congress. The House and Senate could both turn Democrat and she could never get this through Congress.

Any plan which calls for more middle class pain in the form of no new jobs and higher taxes is a nonstarter because we are beginning to discover that voters are a lot smarter than Hillary.

The only way to fix the economy for the middle class is to grow it. And someone who has actually signed the front of a paycheck is necessary to do that.

Please remember, do not believe the media’s pro-Hillary hype and don’t let them discourage you. Make America Great Again!



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