Hillary Just Did THIS For The First Time In 278 Days – But What She DIDN’T Do Says It All

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Here is another post on the Donald Trump campaign. Always keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


The reporters might as well have been roped in a corral again. Or eagerly awaiting the offer of chocolates from she who would be queen.

Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton gave what passed for a “news conference” on the tarmac of a White Plains, New York, airport on Thursday, fielding a short series of fawning, softball questions that might have been written inside Democrat National Committee headquarters last night.

And the hottest topic of the election campaign – the one that dominated coverage of a televised “Commander in Chief Forum” only the night before — was completely ignored.

During the 10-minute exercise in tip-toeing around the elephant in the room — or in this case, the donkey on the tarmac — those tribunes of the people in the traveling Clinton press corps managed to flatter her with a question about why she wasn’t “running away” with the election by now and why she was being held to a “double standard” because she’s a woman.

She was also given a couple of free chances to whack away at Republican nominee Donald Trump, of course, with the reporters all but feeding her the insults themselves.

It was what the Democrat nominee didn’t have to answer for that said it all.

About the only thing that approached an actual question of anything close to a serious nature came when a reporter asked her if she’d boxed herself in by vowing not to use ground troops to fight the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. (Like that’s high on the public’s list of need-to-know items.)

Astonishing as it is to believe, never did the words “email,” “FBI,” “national security,” “Clinton Foundation” or WikiLeaks come up in any of the questions.

It was particularly astonishing because the former secretary of state’s performance at the NBC/MSNBC town hall event Wednesday night featured Clinton’s admission that it’s possible her unorthodox, unsecured private email server had been hacked. (Being a Clinton, though, she put an “everybody was hacked” spin on it.)

Check out what passed for the “news conference” here:

The whole dog-and-pony show had a staged, prearranged feel to it. Maybe not that the questions were written out in advance, but that the media had been warned that some hot topics were simply not to be broached.

Otherwise, America would have to believe that:

No reporter saw fit to bring up the Iraq war veteran whose question about why he, or any other military personnel, could trust Clinton as the commander in chief when she clearly had a careless approach to national security when she was the nation’s top diplomat.

No reporter apparently thought any of the revelations that appeared in the FBI’s report on Hillary’s interrogation was worth asking about, such as “Secretary Clinton, is it true you told the FBI 40 times that you could not remember what happened while you were running the State Department?”

No reporter was wondering whether Hillary and her campaign are preparing for more email revelations like the kind that came out from the hacking of the Democratic National Committee’s computers that shook up the party’s leadership on the eve of her convention — and have been virtually promised by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange on national television.

No reporter considered it worthwhile to ask if Clinton’s top aides had lied to the FBI when they claimed — absurdly — they didn’t even know about her private email server arrangement until it became public knowledge in 2015.

No journalist on the scene wanted to bring up the global money laundering operation known as the Clinton Foundation, or the growing, appalling evidence that Clinton had treated million-dollar donations to her private piggy bank as the price of admission to see the United States secretary of state. (Maybe they were afraid of making her mad again?)

A national media that utterly debased itself over the eight years of the Obama presidency appears well on its way to disgracing itself in furtherance of Hillary Clinton’s White House dreams and Barack Obama’s “third term.”

In July of last year, an imperious Clinton had reporters literally roped in to take pictures of her from a distance during a parade in Gorham, New Hampshire.

The rope wasn’t visible on the tarmac Thursday, but the bootlicking servility of the political press corps sure was.

Remember, don’t accept the lamestream media’s buzz and never allow them to deject you. Make America Great Again!



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