Judges Orders State Bar Association to Investigate Three Hillary Clinton Lawyers

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There could finally be some people held accountable for the email scandal that plagued Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign – but don’t expect Madam Secretary herself to be on that list of names.

As you may remember, when former FBI head James Comey let Hillary off the hook for her private email server, most Americans wouldn’t have guessed that she was going to get to walk away scot-free from her crimes based off Comey’s summary of the investigation. Comey confirmed that Hillary had broken the law in a number ways: She sent and received classified information hundreds of times; she lied about using a private email server to only access her emails on one device; she had deleted thousands of emails relevant to the investigation. And those were just a few of the wrongdoings.

So why, then, did she get off the hook? Because there wasn’t any proof that she intended to break the law, which was a weird way of acknowledging that she had indeed broken the law.

Our latest update on the FBI’s mismanagement of the entire investigation was that Comey began drafting his exoneration letter of Hillary before the FBI even sat down to interview the former senator and secretary of state. That kind of move stinks to high heaven. It shows that Comey already had his mind made up about Hillary before his agents were able to talk to her.

Talk about corruption!

But now, thankfully, some justice may still be done. As further proof that laws were broken in the course of Hillary’s actions , three of her lawyers are facing a threat to their legal right to practice law.

According to the Washington Times, Maryland Circuit Judge Paul F. Harris Jr. ordered the State Bar Association to open an investigation into three lawyers that helped Hillary Clinton delete her private emails. David E. Kendall, Cheryl Mills, and Heather Samuelson are listed in Harris’s complaint. The judge also said that the State Bar couldn’t brush aside the allegations as “frivolous.”

The Times continues, noting that it’s been a lengthy process to bring these three to justice:

The complaint was brought by Ty Clevenger, a lawyer who has pursued sanctions against Mrs. Clinton and her legal team in several venues, and who is also pressing the FBI to release details of its investigation into the former top diplomat. Bars in Arkansas and the District of Columbia, as well as federal courts, had brushed aside requests from Mr. Clevenger, who is seeking to have the lawyers suspended or disbarred. But Judge Harris said Mr. Clevenger’s request ‘appears to have merit,’ and Maryland will now have to at least launch an investigation and demand a response from the lawyers, Mr. Clevenger said.

Liberals will undoubtedly claim this is a partisan move because Judge Harris is a Republican. But would these same liberals claim it was politics when liberal judges threw out previous inquiries into Hillary’s lawyers? Of course not.

I for one hope these lawyers lose their licenses if it turns out they helped Hillary break the law.

Now, if only Hillary herself would seen the inside of a cell.

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