Katz: Trump's UN Speech "Everything a Trump Supporter Could Want"

Original Source: http://www.wibc.com/blogs/tony-katz/tony-katz-today/katz-trumps-un-speech-everything-trump-supporter-could-want

This is another update on The Donald’s Presidency. Always keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


  1. Katz: Trump’s UN Speech “Everything a Trump Supporter Could Want”  93.1 WIBC Indianapolis (blog)
  2. Remarks by President Trump to the 72nd Session of the United Nations General Assembly  The White House (blog)
  3. Trump Tells UN to Back Reforms, Will Press for Firm Stance on North Korea  Fox News Insider
  4. Trump’s UN speech delivers just what his voters wanted  Kansas City Star
  5. Full coverage

Just keep in mind, do not believe the mainstream media’s anti-Trump partisanship and do not let them discourage you. Make America Great Again!



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