Keystone State Could Be Key To A Trump Upset Victory Over Clinton Come The Fall

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Let me share another bit of info on The Donald’s election campaign. Always keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


Back in the spring, when Donald Trump made Pennsylvania the keystone of a five-state primary win sweep in April, his status as the all-but-certain Republican nominee was assured.

Now in the fall, the Keystone State is looming ever larger as a critical battleground for Trump’s general election showdown with Hillary Clinton.

It’s a state Democrats and the media are confident Hillary’s going to win, but there are some signs that they shouldn’t be quite so self-assured.

Pennsylvania has a well-deserved reputation for Democrat dominance. Its governor, Tom Wolf, was elected in 2014, the only Democrat to defeat an incumbent Republican governor in the United States that year. Pennsylvania’s Electoral College votes haven’t gone to a Republican since the first George Bush won in 1988.

And it’s a proud union state, even if its unions tend to catch unwanted attention from state and federal investigators every now and then. (A major labor union president under investigation by both drew an ovation before Philadelphia’s Labor Day parade).

There was a reason the Democrats had their convention in Philadelphia this year.

However, it also has a well-deserved reputation for being socially conservative. As the saying goes: Philadelphia on one end, Pittsburgh on the other, and Alabama in between.

And that Alabama element might be in play when it comes to the negative perception about Hillary Clinton’s campaign that’s keeping the Trump train on a competitive track in Democratic Pennsylvania.

A poll released last week by Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, showed that Clinton’s lead over Trump has contracted from a post-Democrat convention high of 13 points down to 4 among registered voters, according to the Scranton Times-Tribune

With a margin of error of 4.6 percent, the poll reveals a statistical tie between the two, and for that Hillary has only herself to blame (though she has a stronger lead of 7 points among likely voters).

Clinton’s anti-Trump television commercials have been a mainstay of evening programming since the convention, and Trump’s have only recently begun airing. But the constant drip-drip of revelations about Hillary’s deepening email scandal have taken their toll on the Democrat, and given her history, there’s no reason to think that’s going to stop.

As CNBC puts it, Clinton has seen a “stunning’ plunge in net favorability, that is, the difference among voters who view her positively versus those who view her negatively.

According to the Franklin & Marshall poll:

Secretary Clinton is viewed favorably by 38% of registered voters (47% in July) and is viewed unfavorably by 54% (49% in July), giving her a net favorable of minus 16 which is a significant decline from her minus 2 net favorable rating after the Democratic convention. Mr. Trump is viewed favorably by 37% of registered voters (33% in July) and is viewed unfavorably by 58% (62% in July), giving him a net favorable rating of minus 21.

That is to say, Trump is slightly better off than he was in July while Clinton is considerably, demonstrably, undeniably worse. And again, there’s no reason to think that’s going to change any time soon.

There’s no fairy godmother who’s going to come on stage waving a wand to turn Hillary into Cinderella. No Clarence is going to come down from heaven to show the world what it would have been like if Hillary had never been born and change the country’s opinion of her.

Hillary is who she is. And as much as she can hide from the press and the public, there are still revelations out there that are likely to come out before the majority of voters go to the polls on Nov. 8.

A CNN analysis this week repeated, Trump’s path to Electoral College victory is likely to be narrow, and narrower still without a chance in Pennsylvania. So the Keystone State could well be key to a Republican victory.

Trump obviously knows that. In two visits to the state in the span of a week, he was in speaking to a church in largely predominantly black North Philadelphia on Friday and to the overwhelmingly white, wealthy Union League in Center City on Wednesday.

But as the Franklin and Marshall poll showed, Trump does have that chance to put Pennsylvania in the win column and prove Democrats’ overconfidence in their claim to the state. And it’s Hillary’s weaknesses that are giving it to him.

Just remember, do not believe the mainstream media’s anti-Trump buzz and do not allow them to hinder you. Make America Great Again!



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