Krauthammer Calls Out Clintons’ ‘Original Sin’ Behind #HackingHillary’s Health Problems

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What did Hillary forget and when did she forget it?

With stories appearing just about every day raising more questions about Hillary Clinton’s physical and mental health – some of them resulting from what Hillary herself has brought up – conservative author and commentator Charles Krauthammer is laying the blame for the latest Clinton baggage right where it belongs.

And it’s not on some “vast, right-wing conspiracy.”

It’s at the feet of the Clintons themselves.

During a panel discussion Tuesday on Fox News “Special Report with Bret Baier,” medical-doctor-turned-conservative-pundit Krauthammer said the Clintons’ squirrelly history of describing Hillary’s frailties — brought up on occasion as an apparent play for sympathy — had left plenty of room for critics to theorize about the mental capacity of the former secretary of state.

“I think the original sin here is when she had her concussion and she had this episode — whatever it was, a blood clot — they never really explained it. The real problem is, she invoked it as a way to explain loss of memory,” he said.

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And that’s a pretty big problem for someone claiming to be able to take over the reins of the United States government. As Judge Andrew Napolitano pointed out on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday, Hillary is trying to shield herself from legal problems by essentially invoking a medical disability, then trying to avoid political problems by denying the disability exists.

It’s all grist for the Clinton conspiracy mill, of course. And since the couple have spent more than two decades in public life proving they cannot be trusted to tell the truth – will quibble about the meaning of the word “is” – they have only themselves to blame.

“By all accounts, she looks normal,” Krauthammer said. “ …She’s has a grueling schedule. I don’t know that coughing is a deadly symptom unless you’ve got tuberculosis and you’re coughing up red stuff.

“There’s all this wild speculation, but I understand why. They’re secretive, they cover stuff up, and they never adequately explained what happened when she had the concussion.”

About the only thing the public knows about Hillary’s concussion itself is that she suffered it some time in the week of Dec. 9, 2012, allegedly while she was recovering from a bad bout of the flu at the couple’s home in Chappaqua, New York. Hillary’s immortal “what difference does it make?” Senate testimony came when she was wearing special glasses to correct for vision problems directly related to that concussion.

But there are many, many things the Clintons have never “adequately explained” – from Hillary’s uncanny beginner’s luck with the Chicago Mercantile Exchange in the late 1970s through Bill’s rampant droit de seigneur treatment of women like Arkansas state employee Paula Jones in 1991 when he was governor of the Razorback State. Bill ended up paying Jones $850,000 to settle a sexual harassment case, but still pretends he’s innocent (and liberals pretend to believe him).

Now, the Clintons are trying to have it both ways with Hillary’s health – claiming amnesia when it’s legally convenient to help the former secretary of state avoid a charge of lying to the FBI while at the same time claiming she’s in perfect physical and mental health to handle the job of the presidency.

If America doesn’t believe them in the end, as Krauthammer points out, they’ll have their own “secretive” past to blame.

Always remember, do not believe the lamestream media’s pro-Hillary nonsense and do not allow them to dishearten you. Make America Great Again!



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