Krauthammer Cuts To The Bone On Hillary’s Health Cover-Up: ‘These People Are Simply …’

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Below is yet another update on Donald Trump’s election campaign. Remember to keep yourself aware of all the latest news!:


After Hillary Clinton’s “Walking Dead” act over the weekend, questions about her health are taking on a life of their own.

Liberal websites are using Hillary’s illness and deception to attack Donald Trump (while removing articles that might hurt her). The New York Times is dredging up the “culture wars” of the Bill Clinton presidency to try to explain why the Clinton campaign shrouded the candidate’s condition in such secrecy.

But conservative commentator Charles Krauthammer, a non-practicing physician with a medical degree, diagnosed the larger problem on Fox News’ “Special Report with Bret Baier” — and raised an even bigger question that is likely to loom ever larger over the presidential campaign for the next two months.

Krauthammer took the Occam’s Razor approach to cutting through the liberal fog in his analysis of the delayed announcement of Clinton’s pneumonia diagnosis.

“I think this is another case of the cover up being worse than the crime. If it is what they say it is, this is totally benign,” Krauthammer said. “They should have explained it right away and this just, as everybody can see, it just adds to the impression that these people are simply incapable of telling the truth.”

Americans have known that about the Clintons since even before the 1992 election — remember Bill’s “didn’t inhale” line? Even when the truth seems harmless enough, they lie like their knees jerk. They can’t help it. They even seem to relish the ruse.

But Krauthammer hinted there might be more to the latest Clinton lie than sheer mendacity.

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“Walking pneumonia is a pretty benign condition if you don’t have any others,” Krauthammer said. “If you don’t have any serious underlying disease … She should be able to walk right through it without any side effects.”

Well, those are two big “ifs,” and as The Point has noted, they may not be entirely operative. Hillary’s symptoms and the behavior of the people surrounding her suggest that even if she does really have pneumonia as claimed (and only a fool would believe a Clinton claim on its face), there might be an underlying medical problem such as Parkinson’s disease that the campaign is not owning up to.

It’s worth remembering that the two presidents Democrats revered more than any other before Barack Obama became their idolatrous messiah were John F. Kennedy and Franklin D. Roosevelt, both men who engaged in repeated, calculated lies to the country about their health. It wasn’t until after their deaths that their frail and compromised conditions became public knowledge.

Democrats have a documented history of lying about presidential candidates. The Clintons have a documented history of lying about almost everything.

And as to the people around them? Krauthammer hit the nail on the head: “Incapable of telling the truth,”

And that really is sick.

Just remember, do not accept the lamestream media’s anti-Trump nonsense and don’t let them depress you. Make America Great Again!



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