Leaked Emails Could Make Hillary’s Worst Nightmare Come True On Election Day

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Of all the nightmare scenarios that keep Hillary Clinton and her Democrats awake at night, this one is the worst:

The black voter support that rallied to Barack Obama in 2008 and 2012 by margins of more than 90 percent won’t be repeating that near-lock-step performance for the Democrat ticket in the 2016 race. That would blow a huge hole in Hillary’s election strategy and leave her campaign at the mercy of white middle-class voters her party has spent seven years grinding into the ground.

Now, thanks in part to the still-mysterious hacking of Democrat computer systems and public exposure of their once-secret emails, that nightmare — virtually unimaginable only weeks ago — just might be coming true.

In one leaked email, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) staff made the black activists that liberals are so assiduous about courting in public sound like dinner guests who can’t quite be trusted not to steal the silverware.

The memo advises Democrat candidates to be very cautious about getting too close to the Black Lives Matter gang in public forums.

“If approached by BLM activists, campaign staff should offer to meet with local activists. Invited BLM attendees should be limited. Please aim for personal or small group meetings.” (Emphasis added.)

“Listen to their concerns,” the memo continues in bullet-point form designed to guide campaigns away from saying anything that could be construed as promises responsive to the demands of black activists. “Don’t offer solid support for concrete policy positions. Frontline district staff should meet with activists.”

That middle part’s a beauty. “Don’t offer solid support.” Nod understandingly, pat their hands if you must, but whatever you do, “don’t offer solid support.”

The patronizing tone is pathetic. Democrats are delighted to take votes from black constituents but not all that happy to give any real support in return.

In a Facebook posting, Black Lives Matter made it clear it didn’t appreciate the attitude — the “placating response” from the DCCC.

“We are disappointed at the DCCC‘s placating response to our demand to value all Black life. Black communities deserve to be heard, not handled. People are dying.

Whether Republican, Democrat or otherwise, our elected officials have an ethical and democratic responsibility to make legislation that reflects the needs of their constituents. That includes Black people facing life-threatening challenges because of racist, failed policies …”

Well, it might behoove the Black Lives Matter crowd to open their eyes a little and realize that those exact “racist, failed policies” they’re concerned about are the product not only of a black man’s presidency (for going on eight years) but more to the point, a product of decades of unbridled Democrat political control over the very areas of the country where most black Americans live. That’s a point Donald Trump has made in his appeal for the black vote.

Since the striking successes of the civil rights movement at the federal level, local governments have failed to address the true needs of the black Americans officials are all too happy to cluster in depressed inner cities — those troubled urban areas where Democrat political machines have reigned supreme for two or three generations.

If black activists have realized their beef is really with the Democrat Party, Hillary is going to have a long, long night on Nov. 8. And, according to at least one poll in the crucial swing state of Florida, that might well be the case.

In a Florida Atlantic University poll released last week, Republican Donald Trump is trailing Hillary among black voters — which is to be expected — but the poll showed Trump receiving a remarkable 20 percent of the black vote, which contributes to his 43-41 percent lead in the Sunshine State.

It’s true that polls vary widely —  a survey by the Democrat-oriented Public Policy Polling this week showed Trump gathering a literally unbelievable 0 percent of the black vote — but if he is even in the neighborhood of 20 percent come Election Day, the billionaire will be sworn in come January.

So far, however, he has yet to truly capitalize on the possible opening, according to some conservative commentators.

Writing in the Wall Street Journal in early August, editorial board member Jason Riley made a solid case for Trump to take his campaign into the previously Democrat grounds of black voters.

A black conservative himself, Riley noted that the opportunity is there – but that Trump hasn’t availed himself of it yet.

The class warfare practiced by liberals stems from a belief that poor minorities sit around resenting white wealth, or should. The reality is that ghetto residents don’t hate Bill Gates. They want to be Bill Gates. One of the most successful rap labels in the 2000s was co-founded by Jay Z and called Roc-A-Fella Records, a slang spelling of the Rockefeller family name that’s long been synonymous with wealth. Jay Z grew up in a housing project in Brooklyn. He wasn’t envious of the superwealthy. He was a go-getter, and today he’s worth more than $600 million, according to Forbes …

Mr. Trump hasn’t (yet) offended blacks to the extent that he’s offended other groups, but neither has he given many of them a reason to vote for him. Imagine if Mr. Trump took time to campaign in places like Jay Z’s old neighborhood and talk to the residents about why so many lots are empty, why all those buildings are boarded up, why foreign nationals run so many of the small businesses, why the bodega charges so much for milk and eggs, why good schools and jobs are so scarce. He could explain why the Democratic politicians they continue to support have made so little progress in these communities. He could explain how he would do things differently. Mr. Trump, billionaire developer, would have both the knowledge and credibility to discuss these matters. And he would have an audience, likely a big one.

Riley ends on a caustic and cautionary note …

Mr. Trump is uniquely positioned to suggest alternative policy solutions to a group of voters who may be less willing to hear out other Republicans. To date, however, he’s shown little interest in even trying. Instead, Mr. Trump has largely written off the black vote, which may be the most Republican thing about him.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. If Donald Trump has shown anything throughout this tumultuous election year, it’s been a remarkable talent for adapting to the challenges of the race on any given day. On Saturday, the GOP nominee continues his minority-outreach efforts with a visit to Detroit.

With the hacked Democrat emails now being exposed and blowing the whistle on how little the Democrats actually care for the black activist movement — and respectable polls showing a very real chance for Trump to make inroads into the historically Democrat black vote — that talent could still pay off big for the Republican whose campaign for president has been nothing if not unpredictable.

Soon we’ll see if the nightmare scenario where Hillary and company can’t predict the outcome of the black vote could actually come true.

Just keep in mind, do not believe the media’s pro-Hillary line and do not allow them to deter you. Make America Great Again!



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