Leaked Soros Email: Billionaire Plowed Wealth Into SCOTUS Obama Immigration Ruling

Original Source: http://www.westernjournalism.com/thepoint/2016/08/18/leaked-soros-email-billionaire-plowed-wealth-supcos-obama-immigration-ruling/

Allow me to share a further post on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. Be sure to keep yourself aware of all the latest news!:


Liberal billionaire George Soros has never made a secret about being willing to use his money to upend American politics for the progressive agenda.

But heretofore secret emails hacked from the Soros-founded Open Society Foundations are showing just how far the Hungarian-born financier is willing to go.

He’s already been revealed as being a top piggy bank for the Black Lives Matter militants, but new emails show Soros even put his money into buying a Supreme Court decision that supported one of President Obama’s most outrageous executive actions.

According to the Daily Caller, the thousands of emails leaked after a hacking attack on the grant-making Open Society Foundations included one that described how the Soros money would be used for an orchestrated campaign to sway a key decision by the high court. The pivotal case was all about changing the social and political landscape of the United States by legalizing millions of illegal immigrants at the stroke of a presidential pen.

As one email quoted by the Daily Caller put it:

The challenges going forward — magnified by harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric in the 2016 presidential election and an expected wave of punitive bills at the state level — will be to move beyond reacting to events and regain footing to begin executing a more forward-leaning strategic course. Grantees are seeking to influence the Justices (primarily via a sophisticated amicus briefs and media strategy) in hopes of securing a favorable ruling in U.S. v Texas, and using the case to redefine messaging and align the movement …

Fortunately for the republic, the Soros-backed effort failed. In a 4-4 tie, the high court sent the U.S. v Texas case back to the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, which supported a challenge mounted by former Texas Attorney General and now Texas Gov. Gregg Abbot – and effectively killed Obama’s unilateral amnesty scheme for the rest of his term.

Had it not been for the death of Justice Antonin Scalia, the decision would likely have been much worse for the administration, since Scalia’s vote would almost certainly have been in Texas’ favor. Instead of a tie, Obama would have lost a precedent-setting case that would have bound his successors as well.

But the Soros contingent couldn’t know that in February, when the leaked memo was written. At the time, the Supreme Court had yet to hear the case.

What’s really interesting about the memo is its emphasis on the “harsh anti-immigrant rhetoric” of the 2016 election, as though the liberals had nothing to do with how that rhetoric, and the sentiments behind it, came about.

It was Obama – cheered on by Soros and other liberals – who created an illegal immigrant crisis back in the summer of 2014 when wave after wave of illegals crashed over the southern border with the active encouragement of the Obama administration.

It was the cost of that crisis on local schools and communities at the ground level that helped create the national outrage to kick-start Donald Trump’s ultimately successful drive for the Republican presidential nomination.

The Soros funding didn’t work to buy the Supreme Court decision the billionaire was looking for, but if Hillary Clinton wins the presidency in November – and the ability to appoint at least one and potentially more justices to the high court – he wouldn’t have to worry about buying more influence.

The progressive agenda promoted and paid for by the Open Society Foundations will be upending American politics for good then – and it won’t even be a secret.

Just keep in mind, don’t believe the media’s spin and do not allow them to daunt you. Make America Great Again!



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