Libs Terrified Of Questions On Hillary’s Health Do Something Stunning To One Of Their Own

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Persistent questions about the state of Hillary Clinton’s health are scaring libs into letting their inner fascists run free…even within their own ranks.

In a scene that sounds more like it came from some thought-crime communist dictatorship than the United States of America, a former blogger for the liberal website Huffington Post found his articles deleted and his publishing rights suspended after posting two articles questioning Clinton’s physical ability to hold the office of president of the United States.

And it’s turning into a chilling trend Americans will only see more of as Democrats and their media allies clamp down on anyone who opposes a Clinton return to the White House in 2017.

In a video posting late Sunday night, then-Huffington Post contributor David Seaman complained that HuffPo, a news aggregation site founded as a liberal counterweight to the Drudge Report, had deleted two of his articles completely, and blocked his ability to publish his work.

His offense? Linking to another YouTube video that documents Hillary Clinton’s occasionally bizarre behavior on the campaign trail and discussing the possibility the woman has brain damage that renders her unfit for the presidency.

That video had been viewed more than 3.6 million times as of Tuesday morning.

“I’ve never had anything like this happen,” Seaman said on the Sunday night video. “I’ve honestly never seen anything like this. This is happening in the United States in 2016 …

“What’s happening with some of the media companies, their coverage of this election, I’ve never seen anything like it … These nonstop propaganda segments against Trump. About how he’s so racist. These emotional, knee-jerk points over and over again, that he’s racist, he’s sexist, he’s this, he’s that …

Check out Seaman’s video here.

“Something is up here,” Seaman said. “This is not unbiased coverage of this election.”

No, it’s not – not by a long shot. But it has been clear for a long time that something was going on here (if Seaman hadn’t been writing for a liberal website, he might have noticed it already.)

The traditionally liberal media has been in overdrive this year in favor of the Democrat candidate (heck, The New York Times has already essentially announced on its own front page that the rules of journalism were going to be suspended for the duration of the campaign in order to defeat Donald Trump and ensure victory for Hillary Clinton.)

And the new media giants are taking the same line that traditional media have followed. Good news about Donald Trump gets buried – the very public backing for Trump from the niece of civil rights icon Martin Luther King Jr., for instance – while Hillary’s attacks on him get endlessly recycled.

Bad news about Hillary, on the other hand, is ruthlessly suppressed, as Dr. Drew Pinsky found out last week when his 6-year-old television show was canceled by HLN after he publicly questioned the health care Hillary Clinton is receiving. And his explosive radio interview disappeared from the website of the station that first aired it.

The announcement that Pinsky’s show would not be returning only drew more publicity to his comments on Hillary’s health in the first place.

In a follow-up video posted Monday, Seaman said he still had not heard anything from Huffiington Post, and branded its founder, Arianna Huffington, a “coward” for failing to explain the website’s decision to censor his comments in order to favor the Democrat nominee,

He also announced he’d been offered a job with the new media website Infowars after a radio interview with its founder, Alex Jones.

Conservative websites are where Americans have to turn, Seaman said.

“They seem to be the only sites that are providing real commentary and real analysis about a woman who has not given a press conference in 268 days,” Seaman said.

As if on cue, conservative powerhouse site WND weighed in Monday with an article quoting 10 prominent physicians expressing concerns about Clinton’s health and physical stamina, including Dr. Lee Hieb, author of “Your Guide to Living Through the Disaster of Obamacare.” Hieb noted that the same media that scoured Arizona Sen. John McCain’s health records to see if they could claim the aging, ex-Vietnam War POW could handle the rigors of the presidency are turning away from the very clear story of Hillary Clinton’s health.

And apparently with the Democrat candidate’s blessing.

””If she doesn’t want the American people informed, we know where she stands,” he told WND.

And the ex-blogger for the Hillary-backing HuffPo, Seaman, is learning where the rest of the liberal media stand, too.

Ironically enough, in his bio page for HuffPo, Seaman explained why he enjoyed being an internet journalist.

“Getting the truth to the masses has always been fun, but now it’s so easy, too!” he wrote.

If liberals have their way after this year, it won’t be fun, and it won’t be easy. Not with those liberal inner fascists finally running free.

h/t: TheBlaze

Just remember, don’t believe the lamestream media’s propaganda and never permit them to hinder you. Make America Great Again!



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