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The following is one more bit of information on Donald J. Trump’s Presidency. Always keep yourself in the loop!:


Good evening my fellow Americans and not-Americans that support America and it's President, u/Keln78 here to keep the MAGA train rolling on through the night.

Top Stories

The last couple of weeks have just been fantastic! So much is going on it is hard to keep up with all of it. I'm not even going to try and put it all down, but here are the big ones for this week:

• Paul Manafort indicted by Mueller for shady money transactions related to the pro-Russian Ukranian government. This happened years ago and is connected to the Podesta lobbying firm.

• Tony Podesta steps down as head of his own lobbying firm, The Podesta Group, under rumors of pending indictment.

• Donna Brazille tosses the side of beef right under the bus in a scathing Op-Ed at Politico. Apparently Hillary "bought" the DNC in August of 2015, well prior to the Democratic Primaries.


The big news of the day broke just a few hours ago, by our very own Katica (u/goppollanalyst) and reported by Sundance over at The Conservative Tree House.

Here's the basic summary: In an otherwise innocuous FBI FOIA FILE release, dating to August 2015 (a busy month for Hillary), an unknown FBI special agent informs specific CFIUS stakeholders to preserve their records. Against the backdrop of current investigative information surrounding Uranium One, the substance and timing of the preservation notice to the Nuclear Regulatory Commission appears connected.

There you go Congress, you now have a lead on the Uranium One case.


Just a reminder, we have this YUUUUGE vote coming up in Virginia, so if you are a Virginia 'pede, make sure you vote in this one. And tell all of your friends too!


As usual, your music for the night from me features banjos. Enjoy!

Caney Fork River – Balsam Range

Peacemaker – The Steeldrivers

Sawing on the Strings – Alison Krauss

Rocky Top – Osborne Brothers

East Bound and Down – Jerry Reed

As always, if I see anything interesting in the comments, I'll add it up here. Enjoy your Friday night and MAGA!

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Always remember, don’t trust the media’s partisanship and do not let them frustrate you. Make America Great Again!



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