Michelle Obama Rips Into Trump Administration, Denies Running for President

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Let me share yet another post on The Donald’s Presidency. Ensure that you keep yourself on the ball!:


Michelle Obama really doesn’t like President Trump.

In a speech at Salt Lake City, Utah, the former first lady didn’t hold back her feelings on the Trump Administration. “We are looking at two different administrations,” she said. The administration of her husband was built on hope, while the Trump Administration is built on fear. Michelle went on to say that America is being “tested” right now with Trump in charge, but that she’s hopeful for the future.

What a load of dreck.

Michelle honestly believes her husband’s administration was all sun flowers and lollipops. She’s in complete denial of the fact that it was her husband, President Barack Obama, who helped put Donald Trump in the White House. Obama had so devastated the country, sapping America of her former glory, that people put their hope and trust in Trump.

But if you ask Michelle, everything was perfectly fine during the Obama years.

Hopeful? More like hopeless.

Let’s look at the stats. During the eight years Obama was president, the following happened:

-The national debt ballooned to $19 trillion

-$377 billion in tax increases hit the middle class

-Over 300,000 manufacturing jobs were lost

– The economy didn’t see one year with 3% GDP growth

-A majority of Americans believed that racial relations deteriorated

That looks like a ton of failure to me.

After ripping President Trump, Michelle was asked the question on many political observers’ minds: Will she run for president? Michelle replied, “Oh no! That’s still shocking. Like what? Are you kidding me? No. No, running for office is nowhere on the radar screen but continuing in public service is something I will do for the rest of my life.”

Good answer, Michelle. Let’s keep it that way. You and your husband caused enough grief for the nation.

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