Newt Gingrich Nails Bill And Hillary With This 1 Perfect Word: ‘The Only Way To Describe Them…”

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Here is yet another bit of information on Donald Trump’s election campaign. Make sure to keep yourself up-to-date!:


After more than a quarter century at the center of American political life, Bill and Hillary Clinton have crafted an image for themselves as part of the elite of the elite, from Washington, to Martha’s Vineyard, to the sun-kissed lands of Southern California and the liberal mecca of Hollywood.

But former House Speaker Newt Gingrich, who’s watched and battled the Clintons politically over the same quarter century, had a different image in mind for the former first couple during a “Fox & Friends” interview — one that just about every conservative could relate to.

And it’s like a “buddy movie” role the Clintons have been creating and playing for decades.

“The only way to describe them is they’re grifters,” Gingrich said. “These are people who show up in movies, who lie to everybody, steal from everybody … If you think of them as grifters, you might sort of get it.”

“Grifters” — that’s basically the same description Dinesh D’Souza, the writer and filmmaker behind the documentary “Hillary’s America,” offered in his exclusive interview with The Point.

It’s a tough point to argue. Not even the Clintons’ biggest supporters would argue that their relationship with the truth is exactly rock solid, but their shamelessness is darn near legendary.

From the “bimbo eruptions” of the first presidential campaign and Bill’s rueful admission that he “caused pain” in his marriage during a post-Super Bowl interview in 1992, through “I did not have sex with that woman,” right up to Hillary’s endless lies about her private email server, the Clintons have conned America with almost frightening ease. And far too many Americans have lapped it up.

“In a normal, healthy society, they would both be ostracized for being unpatriotic scammers, who go around using public trust and public money, then lying about it pathetically,” Gingrich told “Fox & Friends.”

“Instead, we all just get numb to it. It’s an amazing thing to live through.”

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“Amazing to live through” is right, but what’s more amazing is that the vast majority of Americans voting in 2016 are old enough to remember the Clintons from the beginning -– the same liberal electorate that installed Barack Obama in the White House in 2008, then returned him there in 2012.

And it’s that same liberal electorate Democrats are counting on to re-install the Clintons — the greatest grifters of their generation — in the Oval Office for another go at stealing the ultimate prize — America herself.

Liberals, apparently, aren’t troubled by lies.

“Obama has lied for his entire presidency, about everything from Obamacare to the Iranian deal,” Gingrich said. “You cannot be a modern liberal and tell the truth.”

And that’s what Republican nominee Donald Trump is counting on in the November election.

“He’s thoughtfully decided to gamble on people being sick of corruption, sick of dishonesty, and sick of ‘poopy talk’ if you will,” the former House speaker said. “He’s trying to give you something much more genuine and much more authentic.”

And as someone who’s watched and battled with the Clintons over the past quarter-century, Newt Gingrich knows that’s the gamble of a lifetime.

Please remember, do not trust the media’s hype and never let them frustrate you. Make America Great Again!



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