Ninety-Three-Year-Old World War II Vet Wins Mayor’s Race

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You surely heard of election results this past week for major races throughout the country – The gubernatorial races in Virginia or New Jersey, for example.

But here’s one you might not have heard about – Mayor of Tinton Falls, New Jersey.

Running on a ‘Taxpayers First’ platform, 93-year-old World War II naval veteran, Vito Perillo, captured the mayor’s race in Tinton Falls.

“Instead of complaining about it,” he explained, “I’ve decided to do something about it.”

“I think it’s great,” his granddaughter said after Perillo’s victory. “He’s fulfilled a dream he always had.”

It is an amazing accomplishment to celebrate as we head into Veterans Day weekend.

Don’t think for one minute that Perillo simply put his name on the ballot and asked people for their vote based off of his service.

No, the nonagenarian did what every candidate does when they seek election – he pounded the pavement.

“The Perillo team went door to door and handed out 7,500 campaign flyers,” USA Today reported. “For that, Perillo said he wore out two pairs of shoes.”

“I had a tough road, but I thought I would give it a go,” Perillo said.

He did more than just give it a go, willing his way to victory with a solid campaign and actually taking part in the ground game.

The feisty veteran has a World War II Victory Medal for his service in the U.S. Navy in the Pacific Theater. He worked for the Department of Defense for 38 years following his military service.

Perillo’s ‘Taxpayer First’ platform clearly resonated with Tinton Falls residents.

“What that means, is we spend your tax dollars wisely,” he explained. “Wasteful spending is not something we do here.”

Who wouldn’t want that from the elected officials in their town?

Perillo served his country for decades, and now at 93-years-young, will serve his community still.


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