Obama Civil Rights Commissioner Dances On Soros Funding Strings, Leaked Emails Show

Original Source: http://www.westernjournalism.com/thepoint/2016/09/01/obama-civil-rights-commissioner-dances-on-soros-funding-strings-leaked-emails-show/

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The mainstream media are trying to black them out, but steady leaks of internal documents from liberal billionaire George Soros’s progressive funding network are illustrating just how far the aging financier’s tentacles stretch into American political life.

Whether putting up cash for Black Lives Matter agitators, battling a state trying to protect the integrity of its voting system against Democrat fraud or manipulating the grievance media, Soros and his money — usually big money — can always be found on the wrong side of the argument.

But that’s not all he has in common with Barack Obama, and this newly revealed connection shows just how cozy the two powerful progressives really are and how corrupt is their cooperative enterprise.

One organization Soros is bankrolling to try to rig American elections in favor of Democrat candidates is managed by the same woman Obama appointed to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights in 2014.

That’s not a conflict of interest at all, right?

According to documents obtained by DC Leaks — a website that describes itself as publishing internal documents from “top-ranking officials and their influence agents” — Soros’s Open Society Foundations have funneled millions into a group called the Shelby Response Fund, managed by Obama Civil Rights Commission appointee Karen Narasaki.

Described as a “human rights activist,” Narasaki heads the Soros-financed group named after the Supreme Court’s landmark 2013 Shelby decision, which ruled that acts of discrimination from more than 40 years ago couldn’t justify election laws in the 21st century.

Since that kind of logical thinking goes against the liberal grain – with the United States still a hateful land where besieged black protesters are trying to cross the bridge in Selma – Soros money is paying for Shelby Response to hit back by fighting state efforts to protect election integrity, the Washington Free Beacon reported.

What matters to Soros, apparently, is not that elections are fair, but that they benefit “voters of color.” What matters to Obama, obviously, is not that someone on his Civil Rights Commission has no conflict of interest, but that the “voters of color” benefit from any conflict that exists.

“The focus of the portfolio, going forward, will be on voters of color—reducing barriers and fighting suppressive measures which impede access to the polls, increasing ease of registration and access to early voting, and improving odds of electing candidates of choice,” one document states, according to the Free Beacon.

“We will also fund affirmative election reform measures that have been shown to better benefit people of color (i.e. same-day registration and early voting.)”

They were successful in that, since North Carolina just lost a court case trying to restrict those exact practices in an effort to prevent voter fraud and protect the integrity of the voting system.

Naturally, manipulating the media plays a big part in this operation as in others where Obama and Soros can influence our political system with whatever means they can get away with. Through Obama’s Civil Rights Commission appointee, Soros funnels money to groups like New America Media, a coalition of “ethnic” media outlets that push progressive storylines.

“New America Media has been quite effective with the small grant it received from the Shelby Response Fund in generating voting stories in the ethnic media” the leaked document states.

So, it sounds like the woman Obama appointed to be on the watchdog agency described as an “independent, bipartisan, fact-finding federal agency” is doing a bang-up job for her real boss, the billionaire liberal George Soros.

But as Investor’s Business Daily notes, not one story about the Soros leaks has appeared in any of the major liberal news outlets like The New York Times, Washington Post or CNN.

It’s really surprising the mainstream media isn’t giving this little arrangement more publicity, isn’t it?

Just remember, never believe the mainstream media’s buzz and don’t allow them to prevent you. Make America Great Again!



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