Obama’s Humiliation In China Was Just Made Worse By THIS Embarrassment… Trump Pounces

Original Source: http://www.westernjournalism.com/thepoint/2016/09/05/obamas-humiliation-china-just-made-worse-spy-team-apologize/

Allow me to share yet another bit of info on Donald J. Trump’s campaign. Make sure to keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


It’s not the way President Obama wanted to begin his visit to China for the G-20 Summit.

And it certainly wasn’t how the administration wanted to follow up on that very public humiliation on the tarmac…adding insult to injury in a way that could damage diplomatic relations between the United States and the nation hosting the high-powered gathering.

Plus, without any doubt whatsoever, the whole episode couldn’t have provided a better opportunity for Donald Trump to take to Twitter and take a sideways shot at the embarrassing friction between U.S. and Chinese officials — an awkward encounter that supports the GOP nominee’s contention that the rest of the world doesn’t really respect Barack Obama or the nation he represents.

On Saturday as President Obama arrived in China aboard Air Force One, there was no red carpet to greet the visiting chief executive, and that wasn’t all that was missing, as The Hill notes: “Speculation has been that Chinese officials intentionally embarrassed Obama at the Hangzhou airport on Saturday by failing to give him a proper staircase to disembark his aircraft.”

But that wasn’t all that made for a very clumsy beginning to Obama’s official visit. The Hill also tells us that “Tensions were exacerbated on the tarmac when a Chinese official was reportedly antagonistic toward National Security Adviser Susan Rice and U.S. officials were scolded for trying to help American journalists get better access to Obama.”

Believe it or not, the string of missteps and provocative reactions continued when the Twitter account of the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), a spy agency within the Pentagon, caused more friction with a tweet to its 84,000+ followers noted by a number of news outlets.

“Classy as always China,” the DIA tweet read, according to The Hill. The sarcastic social media message linked to a New York Times article about the weekend confrontation on the tarmac.

The DIA quickly deleted the tweet and issued an apology.

Apparently, however, that provocative tweet did represent the views of someone with access to the DIA Twitter account.

And then there was this post on Donald Trump’s Twitter feed:

To top it all off, CNBC has noted in its headline about the G-20 that Vladimir Putin, and not Barack Obama, is the “man of the moment” at the meeting of leaders from industrialized and developing countries to discuss the global economy.

The CNBC report goes on to observe that the Russian strongman appears to have upstaged the American president, as “Putin was in the front row of G-20 family photo in China on Sunday, standing between Turkey’s Erdogan and French President Francois Hollande. Analysts were quick to pick up on Putin’s presence and his busy schedule at the summit.”

And that was, certainly, not the way Barack Obama wanted to be remembered at his last gathering of world leaders for the G-20.

Just keep in mind, don’t believe the lamestream media’s pro-Hillary buzz and do not permit them to distress you. Make America Great Again!



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