Once Anti-Trump Conservative Mark Levin Skewers Hillary … ‘More And More The Race Crystallizes’

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During the rough and tumble of the Republican primary campaign, few conservative voices speaking against Donald Trump were as loud and combative as loquacious talk show host Mark Levin.

A supporter of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Levin treated his millions of listeners to frequent tirades against the Trump campaign and what he called its “pom pom boys and girls” at Fox News.

But he has softened (if Levin can soften) toward the billionaire businessman after his nomination became all but certain after the Indiana primary in May, and in a segment this week, Levin delivered one of the strongest statements yet for Trump’s cause in the general election – and it’s one that should have the Hillary Clinton campaign quaking like high-country aspen on a windy Colorado mountainside.

In the segment, Levin played a clip from a “Fox & Friends” interview Monday where the candidate appeared to be toning down some of his immigration rhetoric.

Check out the show here. The relevant segment starts about the 9-minute mark.

“It’s one thing for a candidate to change his mind,” Levin said. “It’s another thing for a candidate to be an unindicted felon …. More and more the race crystallizes for me.”

And it’s not just crystallizing for Levin.

While it seems the #NeverTrump movement isn’t going forward, it’s also not going away anytime soon. Its leaders at the National Review, The Weekly Standard and other traditional conservative media outlets have made their stand – and apparently made peace with the idea that a President Hillary Clinton will have the next four years to solidify Barack Obama’s assault on the American federalist system, corruption of the American judiciary, and mockery of the rule of law as established by America’s founders two centuries ago.

But for a growing number of pragmatic conservatives – whose political philosophy is a combination of idealism and efficiency – Levin presented the choice in stark terms. Are they ready to accept a Hillary Clinton presidency?

Levin isn’t. And with the clarity of thought and precision of language that have made him a leader of the conservative movement, he laid out the case on Monday.

“I see Hillary Clinton as an unrepentant crook and criminal,” said Levin, a one-time chief of staff to former Attorney General Edwin Meese during the Reagan administration.

“Just because we have a corrupt U.S. Department of Injustice, and I love the FBI, the men and women there, but your director is a fake, he’s a fraud, in my opinion.

“The fact of the matter is, Hillary Clinton is a dangerous woman. She’s a dangerous woman when it comes to domestic policy and foreign policy. She’s a dangerous woman when it comes to making decisions to enrich herself and protect her friends …

“The rest of us are gonna have to pay ‘cause she calls us ‘rich’ … while she and her big dummy pull down — listen, it still stuns me – since they’ve left the White House nearly a quarter of a billion dollars in gross revenue. These two dummies who don’t produce a darn thing, a quarter of a billion dollars. And she goes on and on about the rich?

“I despise people like that. And her in particular, quite frankly.”

True to form, when describing Trump, Levin didn’t hold back. Repeating some of the criticism from the the primary where he called some of Trump’s tactics “vile,” but when it comes to the two candidates Americans will have to choose from in November, the comparison is as clear as the choice.

“It’s one thing to have a candidate who can be intemperate — and Trump can be — to have a candidate who ran, in my view, a vile primary… And now he’s going soft on some of the issues, like immigration, the minimum wage, and I don’t know what the hell else, as opposed to a hard-core, left-wing, crooked, fraudulent Marxist.”

By the time Jan. 20, 2017, comes around, the country will have had eight years of a hard-core, crooked, fraudulent Marxist in the Oval Office.

If more conservatives who opposed Trump would start facing facts and taking sides, the country can avoid another four.

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Just remember, do not believe the media’s push and do not allow them to scare you. Make America Great Again!



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