REVEALED: Obama’s Relentless Plan To Surrender America Just Got Even Worse Than We Thought

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Below is one more post on Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. Remember to keep yourself on the ball!:


He’s undermined the Constitution and subverted the powers of the Congress. He’s weakened the military and turned our foreign policy into an incoherent international joke.

He’s insulted our allies and empowered our adversaries around the world, while arrogantly refusing to name our enemy — radical Islamic terrorism. And, of course, he’s destabilized our economy and jeopardized our nation’s financial future by piling debt upon national debt, even as he continues a relentless policy of wealth redistribution through any government program he can pervert.

But what Barack Obama is about to do — the giveaway he is likely to enact before he leaves office — could be the most consequential and far-reaching surrender of American influence yet.

Right now, the United States government basically exercises governance over the rules and regulations of the Internet through a contract with a private company — a contract set to expire on Sept. 30.

If the Obama administration decides not to renew that deal with the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN), the corruptocrats at the United Nations are poised to take over the greatest and most far-reaching network of communications and commerce the world has ever known.

Just imagine how the U.N. and its many member nations run by dictators and despots who hate the U.S. could turn the awesome power of the Internet against freedom-loving, rights-protecting, capitalism-embracing countries. Free speech and free enterprise, not to mention innumerable new media voices and outlets, could be curtailed or controlled to the point of destruction.

An in-depth article on WND points out how this could easily lead to authoritarian censorship of the Internet in ways unimaginable until now — now that Obama has set into motion this new and significant surrender of American influence.

China issued a statement saying, “It is necessary to ensure that United Nations plays a facilitating role in setting up international public policies pertaining to the Internet.”

The Russians weighed in, arguing that, “We consider it necessary to consecutively increase the role of governments in the Internet governance, with strengthening the activity of the International Telecommunications Union [the UNs telecommunications arm] in this field… in the development of ethical aspects of Internet use.”

Polls show Americans hate the idea, but that might not mean much in the end.

Considering Barack Obama’s day-one denial of “American exceptionalism” and his contemptuous commitment to reducing the power and prestige of the world’s greatest nation, that the president might choose to give up basic control over the Internet fits his profile.

And to his adoring advocates, enablers and grateful globalists around the world, it would be a fitting end to a presidency that’s not been about making America great, but knocking her to her knees.

Just keep in mind, never accept the mainstream media’s anti-Trump partisanship and do not let them deject you. Make America Great Again!



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