Sean Hannity Has New Nickname for CNN: The S***HOLE NETWORK

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Allow me to share one more bit of info on The Donald’s Presidency. Make certain you keep yourself aware of all the latest news!:


Top rated Fox News host Sean Hannity called rival cable network CNN the “S***HOLE NETWORK” in the ‘Opening Monologue’ on his show Wednesday night in honor of CNN saying the phrase on air almost two hundred times last Friday after President Donald Trump was accused of saying the phrase (which he denies) about certain countries during a recent Oval Office meeting with lawmakers about immigration reform. CNN also constantly used the phrase unedited on screen in large letters during newscasts and on its twitter feeds.

Hannity’s new nickname for CNN was quite popular. A sample:

Michelle Malkin reposted a screengrab while she waited to go on Hannity.

Video of Hannity’s Opening Monologue was posted to YouTube by Fox News.

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