See What This Black New York Times Columnist Just Said To A Black Trump Supporter…Wow!

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Allow me to share another update on The Donald’s election campaign. Ensure that you keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


It’s difficult finding the right words to describe how this elitist know-it-all from The New York Times treated another black commentator during a live TV debate.

Let me try tossing out a few descriptions of the fiery encounter over race and the presidential campaign — then you can watch the video clip for yourself and decide what to call this disgraceful behavior by Charles Blow.

Arrogant. Condescending. Pretentious. Disdainful. And what about just plain rude?

Whatever words you use to characterize this liberal — and demonstrably dishonest — op-ed columnist’s treatment of the man who used to be the Director of Black Outreach at the George W. Bush White House, here’s the big takeaway:

This is typical of how snobbish liberals try to dominate the conversation and dismiss anyone who disagrees with them. This is how high and mighty progressives flaunt their attitudes of self-righteous superiority and practice Alinsky methods of trying to put down opposing views and silence those who would dare — dare, I say — challenge the liberal point of view.

Ah, tolerance and inclusiveness and respect, indeed.

In his 1971 primer “Rules for Radicals,” activist and petty crook Saul Alinsky — whom the younger Hillary Clinton idolized — declared: “Ridicule is man’s most potent weapon.” It immediately puts your opponent on the defense. It’s irrational and infuriating. It can also work as a pressure point to force the enemy into cowering concessions.

Alinsky also taught his disciples, on top of ridiculing the target of their attack, to minimize and marginalize — that’s exactly what the NYT blow-hard Charles Blow tried to do as he dismissed CNN guest and Donald Trump supporter Paris Dennard. And of course, the host of the CNN program, Chris Cuomo, let Blow huff and puff and strut his stuff, dominating the conversation and trying to de-legitimize anything said by Dennard, who has built quite an accomplished political resume after earning two degrees from Pepperdine University.

By clicking on the video below, you can see for yourself how the bombastic Mr. Blow — complaining about the bombastic Mr. Trump — insisted the GOP nominee is a racist and has been embracing and trying to mainstream white supremacists. When Dennard tried to get a word in, the liberal elitist not only looked down his nose at his political opponent, he went so far as to tell him to shush, treating him like a bothersome child, saying, “The grown-ups are thinking.”

How many times have conservatives had to endure this kind of condescending arrogance from scornful, disdainful liberals with a superiority complex massive enough to block out the sun?

And, yes, imagine if the guy on the attack here had been white and the target of his terminally rude behavior were this polite African-American trying to defend himself and his point of view?

That liberal veneer of tolerance almost always masks a totalitarian heart. In Blow’s case, the mask just slipped…again.

Just remember, do not believe the mainstream media’s ballyhoo and do not permit them to depress you. Make America Great Again!



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