Sheriff David Clarke Calls This 1 Unusual Trump Tactic “Brilliant” … Here’s Why

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This is one more bit of info on Donald Trump’s campaign. Ensure that you keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


It’s certainly unwelcome news to the mainstream media and Democrats who have spent a week downplaying Republican nominee Donald Trump’s attempts at reaching out to black voters, but Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke believes the billionaire businessman is on the right track.

“The urban pathology” that makes black voters turn out in monolithic numbers for the political party whose policies have destroyed the black family and decimated black neighborhoods can be reversed, Clarke said on “Fox & Friends” Tuesday.

But it will take an ongoing effort Republicans — opposed by the cultural gatekeepers of the mainstream news media and entertainment world — haven’t been able to mount.

For the past week, Trump has been making a sustained pitch to black voters in speeches that denounce what Democrat machine politics have done to urban America, especially to the poor, depressed concentrations of inner-city minorities.

The Republican nominee did it again on Monday night in Akron, Ohio, according to the Columbus Dispatch.

“What the hell do you have to lose? Give me a chance,” he said, in an appeal to black and Hispanic voters – two groups that are all but assumed to be voting for Hillary Clinton in November.

On “Fox & Friends,” Clarke called the Trump strategy “brilliant.”

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“It’s a brilliant move by Donald Trump to seek the black vote, to go out there and actually plead for it,” Clarke said. “You don’t really see Republican candidates do that.”

No, you don’t. But there’s a reason for that, of course.

A political campaign has limited days and hours to spend chasing elusive voters. Few Republican candidates have the luxury to spend time courting votes in black communities where the odds are so stacked against them.

And that’s the cruelest part of the stranglehold pernicious Democrat politics have on the black vote. Democrat machines — fueled by a lust for power and the wealth that it brings — have gutted inner cities economically, destroyed urban school districts and even corrupted law enforcement and the judicial system (the cities that have been burned by blacks have also been governed by black Democrats for generations).

But the political party that might actually help revitalize the inner cities economically gets shut out by black voters programmed for decades to rely on the beneficence of Democrat politicians who claim they are the only ones to protect minorities from the evil, greedy GOP.

“The American ghetto has replaced the plantation,” Clarke said. “Where Democrats have a large segment of black people herded on to miserable conditions, inescapable poverty, they have to send their kids to failing public schools. Massive unemployment, crime, violence and disorder.

“These people have wrecked great American cities with this progressive urban policy.”

But, host Stephen Doocy asked, could Trump’s appeal actually work?

“I think over time, if he stays on it,” Clarke contended.

“Democrats don’t ask for their votes, they just automatically assume it’s going to happen and take it for granted,” he said. “Over time, black people will find it refreshing that somebody’s out there actually working for the black vote.”

If Donald Trump’s unlikely candidacy has proven anything in American politics, it’s that nothing can be taken for granted.

Just keep in mind, never accept the mainstream media’s anti-Trump line and don’t permit them to deject you. Make America Great Again!



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