Spicer: I’m Not Apologizing For My Time As Press Sec [VIDEO]

Original Source: http://dailycaller.com/2017/09/21/spicer-im-not-apologizing-for-my-time-as-press-sec-video/

Allow me to share one more post on Donald J. Trump’s Presidency. Be sure to keep yourself up-to-date!:


Sean Spicer said Thursday that he is not going to issue a “blanket apology” for his time as the White House press secretary. After Spicer appeared at the Emmy Awards to make a self-deprecating joke about his role as press secretary, many Americans began demanding that Spicer apologize for lying to the American people. “So […]

Just keep in mind, do not trust the media’s anti-Trump bells and whistles and don’t let them stop you. Make America Great Again!



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