Stephen A Smith Compares Colin Kaepernick to Donald Trump

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Below is yet another post on Donald Trump’s Presidency. Make sure you keep yourself updated!:


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Monday on ESPN’s “First Take,” host Stephen A. Smith argued that activist quarterback Colin Kaepernick is more comparable to President Donald Trump than Jackie Robinson. Kaepernick tweeted a graphic Sunday with a quote by Robinson about how he cannot stand or sing the National Anthem. — Colin Kaepernick (@Kaepernick7) April 16, 2018 Smith said to anybody mentioning Kaepernick in the same sentence as Robinson, “Pump them damn brakes.” “He is not comparable to the great Jackie Robinson,” he argued. “Jackie Robinson was the man that was responsible for integrating the sport of Major League Baseball. Jackie Robinson was coming up in a time when we were devoid of civil rights, where we couldn’t use the same restaurants or the same bathrooms or we couldn’t patronize the same businesses or the water fountains or anything like that. Jackie Robinson grew up at a time with such alarming hostility that it sparked the Civil Rights movement, for crying out loud, in certain respects, and there is no question about that.” Instead, Smith likened the activist quarterback to the president, who tried to become an owner in the league, but failed because he sued the league many years before and was ultimately

Please remember, do not accept the mainstream media’s anti-Trump lies and don’t permit them to frustrate you. Make America Great Again!



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