The FBI’s Clinton Report: 5 Things That Will Enrage You — And Could Shake Up The Campaign

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This is another piece of information on Donald Trump’s presidential run. Make sure you keep yourself in the loop!:


Friday afternoon document dumps are a Washington tradition and generally meant to bury bad news under the rush of media deadlines and reporters and government officials trying to close up shop for the week.

But the FBI’s release of its report on its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s personal email server is unlikely to get lost in the traditional weekend news hole. Because the report’s conclusions – which are already being publicized by Donald Trump’s campaign staff – are likely to be following Clinton throughout the long weeks ahead as the presidential contest comes down to the wire.

Here are some of the findings Americans are likely to be hearing a lot about in the weeks ahead.

Within hours of the documents release Friday, tidbits from the report had been picked up by numerous media outlets as well as the Donald Trump campaign, making for some infuriating reading to conservatives who’ve never trusted the former first lady as far as they could throw her.

  1. That bit about wanting to use her own device was for convenience? Like pretty much everything else Clinton has said about the emails since this story broke, it was a lie she told straight to the American people. In fact, according to The Hill, Clinton used a total of 18 different devices – 13 mobile devices to handle the email account she should have kept in the first place. (The Boston Globe reported she also had five iPads.)

According to The Hill:

Top Clinton aide Huma Abedin told the FBI it was not uncommon for Clinton to use a new BlackBerry for a short time before switching back to an older model with which she was more familiar. She also said out-of-use phones would often become lost. The man who helped set up Clinton’s server said he recalled two instances in which he destroyed old devices by breaking them or smashing them with a hammer; Clinton said aides also disposed of old SIM cards after switching devices.

Smashing phones with hammers. Isn’t that most people do when they’re done with them? (And how many people go through 13 phones in four years anyway?)

2. Clnton’s private email account was deleted AFTER its existence had been disclosed by a story in The New York Times in March, 2015.

According to CNN, the email account was deleted after Clinton aide Cheryl Mills told a staffer at Platte River Networks, the company handling Clinton’s server, that the emails were to be deleted after 60 days. After The Times broke the story about the email server’s existence, the staffer told FBI agents, he’d had an “oh, s**t’” moment and quickly “deleted the Clinton archive mailbox from the PRN server and used BleachBit to delete the exported .PST files he had created on the server system containing Clinton’s emails.”

Seriously, isn’t that what everybody’s first reaction to hearing about The New York Times exposing government records they’re holding would be? Delete it with an irreversible scouring program? Could have happened to anybody.

3) That story Clinton floated about how she got informal approval from former Secretary of State Colin Powell to use her own private server to handle classified material?

It was pretty much the opposite of being true.

According to CNN, Powell warned Clinton that anything handled on her government account was subject to public records law and said he got around it “by not saying much and not using systems that captured the data.”

Hillary did exactly the opposite, using a system that captured data for all of her correspondence, work-related, personal, and apparently Clinton Foundation-related, then trying to keep all of it out of the hands of her employers, the American people.

4) When FBI Director James Comey described Clinton’s handling of classified material as “extremely careless” he was being way too polite.

According to The Guardian, Clinton aide Monica Hanley archived Clinton’s emails onto a laptop and thumb drive at her home (being talked through the process by a Clinton Foundation employee.) The laptop and thumb drive were supposed to be stored in the Clinton home, but Hanley ended up holding on to the laptop at her home until the following year, the Guardian reported.

The email archive of the former United States secretary of state was then transferred to an unknown person’s Gmail account, while the laptop was supposed to be electronically wiped, then mailed to the Clintons.

It never arrived. Somewhere in the world there is a laptop, and somewhere in the cyberworld there is a gmail address, that has the records of the secretary of state from 2009 to 2013.

Should be interesting reading in the Kremlin.

5) Anyone who ever wondered if Clinton is a liar or a hypocrite can rest easy. According to the FBI report, she’s both.

The woman who was conducting the diplomatic business of the United States from a homebrew email server had the gall to send out a notice to all of her employees warning them against the use of a personal email account for State Department business.

According to The Hill, the FBI report noted: “In 2011, a notice to all State employees was sent on Clinton’s behalf, which recommended employees avoid conducting State business from personal e-mail accounts due to information security concerns. Clinton stated she did not recall this specific notice, and she did not recall receiving any guidance from State regarding email policies.”

And yet the FBI found there was no intent to do harm?

There doesn’t get much strong proof that someone is aware they shouldn’t be doing something than when they tell someone else not to.

With the Labor Day holiday rapidly approaching, and the presidential campaigns getting deadly serious, that FBI report is going to be providing plenty of ammunition for Hillary’s critics, whether they support Trump or not.

This is one Friday news dump that’s not going to go away.

Just keep in mind, never believe the media’s anti-Trump lies and never let them prevent you. Make America Great Again!



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