The First Ever Fox News Anchor To Moderate A Presidential Debate Explains The ‘Six Buckets’

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This is yet another piece of information on the Donald Trump campaign. Ensure that you keep yourself informed!:


The first forum in which the two major-party candidates for president will participate is set for Sept. 7, though it’s not considered an official presidential debate because Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton will take the stage separately to field questions from an audience. NBC’s Matt Lauer will host that “Commander-in-Chief Forum” in New York City.

The real top-of-the-ticket fireworks are set to start going off Sept. 26 with the first of three debates where Trump and Clinton will be face to face. That kick-off contest will see another NBC personality, Lester Holt, in the moderator’s chair. CNN’s Anderson Cooper and ABC’s Martha Raddatz will try to keep a lid on things for the town-hall style faceoff on Oct. 9. Fox News’ Chris Wallace will moderate the third and final matchup between the Republican and Democrat nominees on Oct. 19, just weeks before Americans go to the polls.

Wallace — the host of “Fox News Sunday” who was a co-questioner during primary season when many candidates were vying for the GOP top slot — will become the first ever Fox News anchor to handle one of these high-profile presidential debates.

“It’s a little bit like being the referee in the ring during a heavyweight championship fight,” Wallace said of the chance to sit down in an intimate setting with the two major contenders for the White House. “If you do a really great job, people see a great fight and they forget the fact that you were ever even in the ring, you’re almost invisible. And if that’s the case, if people say they don’t remember you being there, I will have done my job.”

That description of the moderator’s job is a far cry from the way CNN’s Candy Crowley jumped right into the middle of the ring in 2012 during the debate between Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. Crowley became not a referee but a participant in the fight, when she aggressively challenged Romney’s statement about President Obama’s response to the Sept. 11, 2012, attack in Benghazi, Libya.

“What you want to do is be able to throw something out there which engages both of them, allows them both to speak,” Wallace said.

By clicking on the video below, you can watch the reaction from Chris Wallace to his being named the moderator of the critical third debate, when you have to take into account what the candidates have said in the first two as well as what’s new on the campaign trail and in the world at large:

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Wallace explained that the debate format calls for the two contenders to be presented with questions drawn from what are referred to as “six buckets” of general topics.

“This will give you a sense of how daunting this assignment is — I said to one of the debate commission officials, well, now who decides what the six buckets are, to tell the candidates a week in advance? They said, ‘You do.’”

The debate in Las Vegas on Oct. 19 will be the last opportunity for the American voters to see Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton on stage together before the election on Nov 8.

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