This Fiery Hillary Vs Trump Controversy Shows Exactly Why CNN Is Burning Itself Down

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When it comes to campaign coverage 2016, the “Clinton News Network” is living up to its nickname – and down to its ratings.

As questions rage about the state of Hillary Clinton’s health — a subject she tried to ridicule into obscurity with her silly pickle-jar stunt on a yuk-it-up late-night talk show — CNN is doing everything it can think of to try to turn the tables on Team Trump.

And trashing what remains of its credibility in the process.

So far this week, the network has twice trotted out celebrity physician Dr. Sanjay Gupta – a doctor who spent part of the Clinton White House years as an adviser to Hillary Clinton and as a potential nominee for United States surgeon general – to raise questions about Republican Donald Trump’s health, specifically his risk of heart disease.

After all, the CNN doc noted, Trump eats stuff from fast food joints.

The Atlanta-based network has been dogged by complaints about liberal bias virtually since its founding by the card-carrying liberal Ted Turner. The “Clinton News Network” tag came from its sympathies for the scandal-plagued Bill Clinton White House in the 1990s, but carries an even more pointed meaning today.

Having the Clintons’ pet physician on the air Tuesday casting doubt about Trump’s health was bad enough, but CNN followed it up on Wednesday by a propaganda piece passed off as a news story from CNN political reporter Gregory Krieg.

As if the headline weren’t clear enough – “Hillary’s health is fine, but what about Trump’s” – the piece puts its slant out early, as Krieg refers to persistent questions about Hillary Clinton’s health as “dubious.”

It then reprises Gupta’s comments, and even quotes former-Trump-rival-turned-supporter Dr. Ben Carson as saying the American people need to know more about the health of potential presidents, especially when the candidates are “elderly.”

That’s fair enough, of course. Whoever wins, we’re going to be stuck with the results of the Nov. 8 ballot for at least the next four years, so it doesn’t hurt anybody to get a good look inside the horse’s mouth, so to speak.

But the real point here is the state of American journalism when it’s practiced by an outfit like CNN that’s clearly infected by a virulent bias bug.

The news hook for the Trump health stories is the obvious public interest in Hillary Clinton’s ability to serve as the president of the United States. Yet, the Krieg “news” story brands questions about Hillary’s health “dubious” from the outset, as though that were an obvious given to any reasonable viewer.

But those concerns about the former secretary of state are not dubious. Too many incidents on the campaign trail have been coming up in recent months, and too many acquaintances – some, admittedly with axes to grind – have been making the case that there’s something amiss with Hillary.

For CNN to so blithely dismiss the claims is journalistic malpractice — particularly since it’s well known that Hillary suffered a “series of health problems,” including a potentially serious “blood clot in a vein in her head,” according to The New York Times.

Only a blatantly pro-Hillary news outlet — a “Clinton News Network” so to speak — could try to pass that off as legitimate journalism.

Obvious partisan considerations aside, CNN might have some commercial interests in pushing the pro-Clinton line this month. With its ratings falling behind the notably liberal MSNBC after it dominated throughout the national convention month of July, CNN has some ground to make up.

Its executives know new viewers won’t be coming from the Fox audience, even though the network recently hired former Fox News analyst Kirsten Powers.

CNN’s health might not be as questionable as Clinton’s, but its journalism is just as dubious.

Just remember, do not believe the lamestream media’s partisanship and never let them prevent you. Make America Great Again!



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