Trey Gowdy SCORCHES Hillary’s Latest Email Excuse – His 3 Words Absolutely Lit Her Up

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This time, Hillary Clinton’s smokescreen wasn’t going to work.

The former secretary of state tried to blow off this week’s Associated Press report that indicated a “pay-for-play” operation involving her family “charity” was in full swing while she was in charge at Foggy Bottom. But Trey Gowdy, the South Carolina congressman known as “the bulldog” wasn’t going to let it go.

In an interview with Fox News, Gowdy was on fire, and Hillary was getting burned.

The interview started with a clip of Clinton’s statement Wednesday trying to downplay the damning report involving big money and big favors for big players on the international stage.

“I know there’s a lot of smoke, and there’s no fire,” Clinton said Wednesday. “The AP report? Put it in context. It excludes nearly 2,000 meetings I had with world leaders, plus countless meetings with U.S. government officials. It looked at a small portion of my time.”

Well, yes. the AP investigation looked at the portion of her time she devoted to meeting people outside of her working life, dealing with world leaders and sundry U.S. government officials. What it focused on, reasonably, were the people she chose to meet with outside of her normal duties. And those people just happened to be big money donors to the Clinton Foundation, apparently seeking government favors in return for their investment. As “pay to play” evidence goes, it doesn’t get much more convincing.

And Clinton’s “nothing to see here, folks” explanation wasn’t good enough by a long shot, Gowdy told Fox News’ Martha MacCallum on Thursday.

Picking up the former secretary of state’s “there’s no fire” analogy, he promptly scorched her with it.

“It’s arson,” he said. “It’s pyromania! It’s not smoke.”

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Clinton’s problem at this point, said Gowdy, is that her lies and half-truths have been exposed for so long – virtually from the email scandal’s beginnings last March – that she can’t be believed today. And that’s exactly why a vast majority of Americans say they don’t trust the woman whom Gowdy lit up in his Fox News appearance.

“Even listening to her talk about the Clinton Foundation, I couldn’t help but go back and remember the press conference she gave on her emails, where every single thing she said proved to be false.

“That’s the interesting thing about credibility and believability. You just can’t keep it in some compartment. When you are a habitual, serial liar in this facet of your life, it tends to make people not believe you in other facets of your life.”

“Habitual, serial liar” — talk about not mincing words.

And the fact is, the American public have more than a quarter-century’s experience watching Clinton’s career as a habitual, serial liar in just about every facet of her life.

Gowdy said the media really need to focus on the Clinton Foundation-related emails Clinton deleted from the server after its existence became known. If she had no criminal intent, as FBI Director James Comey concluded, why were 30,000 emails deleted from Clinton’s server before authorities could even look at them?

Why have nearly 15,000 heretofore undisclosed emails just popped up? What is the huge emails-related bombshell that WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange just told Megyn Kelly his team of secrets-exposing hackers will soon expose?

Clinton and her lawyers “didn’t just push the delete button,” Gowdy told MacCallum of the Clinton emails. “They had them deleted where even God can’t read them.”

Unfortunately for Bill and Hillary, that’s one heavenly courtroom they’re never going to be able to completely fool.

Just keep in mind, don’t accept the lamestream media’s partisanship and do not permit them to dishearten you. Make America Great Again!



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