Trump Catches Hillary Flatfooted With Mexico Trip… And Raises The Stakes Even Higher On Immigration Speech

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Allow me to share yet another bit of info on The Donald’s campaign. Be sure to keep yourself updated!:


The mainstream media appear to be caught off guard.

Hillary Clinton is probably having spasms.

But Republican nominee Donald Trump once again proved timing is everything Wednesday when it became clear his surprise visit to meet with Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto is already paying off in another a major way:

With a blizzard of public activity, the Trump campaign has been controlling headlines in a way the billionaire businessman hasn’t since the close of the Republican convention in Cleveland in July.

After the mass media pounding that followed the Democratic National Convention, when Hillary’s press pack hounds were baying for new blood with every news cycle, the Mexican trip is the latest move by the Trump campaign to seize control of the candidate’s media coverage.

And it’s showing again the stark contrast between a Republican candidate who’s actually fighting for the presidency of the United States against a Democrat who is doing her best to avoid any major public appearances before the presidential debates begin a month from now.

How many days has it been since Hillary held a real, honest to goodness news conference in which she takes spontaneous questions that haven’t been screened? (Of course, the use of the phrase “honest to goodness” might be nonsensical with Clinton.)

The turn started two weeks ago, after Trump shook up his campaign staff to name Breitbart News Chairman Stephen Bannon as his new campaign CEO and pollster and adviser Kellyanne Conway as campaign manager.

The move was quickly followed by Trump’s visit to flood-ravaged Louisiana – a trip that highlighted President Obama’s preference for the soft life of a Martha’s Vineyard vacation to the actual work of being president of a great country.

And polls are already responding.

Now, the GOP nominee is going to Mexico only hours before delivering what is supposed to be a major speech on illegal immigration, raising the stakes even higher over the major issue he built his campaign on, guaranteeing massive media coverage.

Is it a gamble? Of course it is. The Latino vote is likely to be critical in swing states like Florida in November. And even if Latinos are far from the monolithic voting bloc Democrats would like to believe, there’s no question that the immigration issue is an important one. A trip that goes disastrously wrong would be replayed to a fare-thee-well by a mainstream media giddy at the idea of Trump making a fool of himself.

But a success will make the winnings on the table that much sweeter to rake in. (And is anyone really going to bet he falls on his face?)

Meanwhile, the Clinton campaign is contenting itself with running viciously negative television advertisements in swing states, while the candidate herself chooses to spend her precious time pressing the flesh of high-dollar donors. (And only inflaming speculation about her possible health problems.)

That $25,000-a-ticket fundraiser in the Hamptons with Paul McCartney on Wednesday showed she can party with rich liberals, but the headlines don’t resonate with Americans who are just getting serious about choosing the next president.

A Trump trip to Mexico, on the other hand, is likely to play well. As former Trump-campaign-manager-turned-CNN-pundit Corey Lewandowski told “New Day” audiences Wednesday morning, the very high-profile criticisms Trump has launched at illegal immigration from Mexico could pay dividends in the public perception of a man who can cut a deal with people he doesn’t agree with.

“It’s very, very possible that Mr. Trump goes down there, meets the president, says, hey, look, we have more things in common than we have apart,” Lewandowski said, according to Politico. “Let’s find a way that in 69 days from today when I’m elected president of the United States we can work together.”

As for the political press corps and Hillary Clinton’s campaign, they don’t sound any too pleased with the development.

Jill Colvin of The Associated Press, for instance, took to Twitter to complain that Trump’s traveling press had not been invited along.

(“Cry me a river,” Trump supporters — and even neutral Americans — are likely to shrug.)

Clinton’s camp, meanwhile, made a statement that sounded like the candidate was way too busy schmoozing with rock stars to bother with a little brown brother from South of the Border.

“Secretary Clinton last met with President Peña Nieto in Mexico in 2014 and our campaign is in a regular dialogue with the Mexican government officials,” an aide told The Washington Post. “She looks forward to talking with President Peña Nieto again at the appropriate time.”

Well, ahem.

Trump has apparently decided the last day of August, 2016, is the “appropriate time” for the Republican presidential candidate to take control of his news cycle once again, with a high-profile visit to the Mexican president.

It isn’t Nixon going to China. It’s not even Reagan in Reykjavik.

But it is Donald Trump making the trip to Mexico City, as his own opening act for a speech that could make or break his campaign. And it was just the time to do it.

In politics, timing is everything.

Always remember, do not trust the lamestream media’s anti-Trump line and do not allow them to discourage you. Make America Great Again!



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