Trump’s Growing Poll Strength Has To Have Hillary And The Gang Sweating

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When Hillary Clinton’s media-industrial complex rolled out its blitzkrieg charge of racism against the Donald Trump campaign last week, it carried an air of belligerent desperation.

And a comprehensive look at recent polls and trends in voter sentiment gives a pretty good reason why.

In the last week of August, heading into Labor Day weekend, the Democrat is still holding a lead on the Republican nominee, but a race the Democrats thought they had locked up is not even close to being over – and Trump is making gains that should have Hillary’s campaign advisers staying awake at night.

There’s no doubt Clinton came out of her nominating convention with a bounce. The gathering’s shaky beginning, marred by the resignation of Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, ended up solidifying into one big Clinton-loving, Trump-bashing lib fest that had Hillary flying high.

At the same time, Trump’s considerable missteps and Hillary’s early, emphatically negative advertising in swing states was giving rise to a general feeling — promoted by a relentless media narrative — that Clinton’s momentum was approaching the point of inevitability and Trump was on the ropes.

But Hillary is still Hillary, and four days in Philadelphia can’t change the results of a lifetime in the public eye — a lifetime of scandal and of the well-deserved suspicion of even more scandal. The American public knows full well who Hillary Clinton is — that she’s a liar and the product of lies, that she’s a fraud who hides her drive for power and personal gain behind a facade of caring and concern about the little people she dupes into believing that she’s on their side.

The constant drip of scandal hasn’t stopped, and virtually every news cycle brings another twist in the Clinton saga of trading favors for money, of secrecy and deceit that Americans have come to expect from the former first lady, senator, and secretary of state (with sometimes deadly results).

Meanwhile, poll numbers released Tuesday by the Trump campaign show the GOP standard-bearer is far from the beaten bigot late-night comedians are trying to brand him to be.

As Trump’s senior communications adviser Jason Miller wrote in a memo released Tuesday, “The trendlines are starting to solidify and this race will soon be dead even.”

The memo includes data from the Los Angeles Times/University of Southern California Dornsife poll that shows Trump with a 3-point lead, an Economist poll showing Clinton leading by 3 but Trump improving, and an NBC/SurveyMonkey poll that showed Clinton with a 4-point lead but Trump trending up. So, improvement for Trump in all three national surveys.

In the Big Three swing states of Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania, Real Clear Politics poll averages give Clinton the edge in Florida and Pennsylvania, but the Buckeye State is a tossup. In this trio of battleground states, Trump makes a strong showing among independents.

And none of that is how the story should be working out, as far as the Democrats are concerned.

Despite a concerted media effort to tarnish Trump’s convention — how many times can one speech be described as “dark?” — and pump up Hillary’s image, the two candidates are in a hotly competitive contest whose outcome is far from decided.

The Trump-Pence campaign just started advertising in the swing states after almost a month of letting Clinton’s attacks go uncontested.

Comparing the two candidates on the basis of their resumes, any political pro would have called this race over long ago. The fact is, it isn’t. And the Clinton baggage gets heavier on Hillary with every new revelation about the Clinton Foundation, her private email server, or any of the dirt the woman has piled around her for decades like the cloud surrounding Pigpen in a Charlie Brown special.

Team Trump’s Miller ended his memo on a cheery note.

“National polls are rapidly improving and some even show Mr. Trump leading. Battleground state numbers are improving and some show us leading there too. Key demographic groups are moving toward the Trump-Pence ticket. The trendlines are very good.”

No wonder the Clinton camp smells of an air of desperation when only days ago they certainly expected to be basking in the sweet aroma of incense and peppermints.

Just remember, don’t believe the lamestream media’s anti-Trump propaganda and do not let them deter you. Make America Great Again!



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