VIDEO: Benghazi Mom Shares A BRUTAL Message About Hillary That America Needs To Hear

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Here is another update on Donald Trump’s election campaign. Be sure to keep yourself updated!:


Donald Trump’s whirlwind trip to Mexico wasn’t the only time Hillary Clinton got upstaged Wednesday.

On the same day the Democrat nominee got hit with a social media firestorm after declaring she would “never, ever disrespect Gold Star families,” one of the Benghazi mothers the former secretary of state did disrespect called out the Clinton lie on national TV.

It was a judgment on the Democratic candidate every American voter needs to hear — the words the election should hinge on.

For Patricia Smith — who was a featured speaker at the Republican National Convention and has recently filed a lawsuit for reckless disregard against the former chief diplomat — Clinton’s lies and smears are personal.

Smith’s son, Sean, was one of two State Department employees who died in the Sept. 11, 2012, attack on the American diplomatic outpost in Benghazi, Libya. Ambassador Chris Stephens and two former Navy SEALs working as security contractors also died in the terrorists’ attack on the compound and a nearby CIA annex.

In an interview with Fox Business News, Patricia Smith said she wasn’t surprised by the discovery of 30 previously undisclosed Clinton emails related to the Benghazi attack. The emails proved Clinton was lying when she claimed – repeatedly – that she had turned over from her private server every email related to her work with the State Department; but Smith already knew, better than most Americans even, that Clinton’s words are worthless.

“She’s been not telling the truth the whole time, I’m not surprised she’s still not telling the truth,” Smith said.

Clinton was the woman who stood next to the casket that carried the body of Smith’s son and swore to the grieving mother that the dead of Benghazi were killed because of an obscure Internet video. Clinton was the woman who has essentially called Patricia Smith a liar for pointing out Hillary’s cruel deception.

This Benghazi mom has been pursuing Clinton with the vengeance only the mother of a murdered son can carry. Check out her interview here.

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“Hillary has never taken the time to explain to me why my son is dead. I think anybody in the world would want to know that – anybody that has any emotions in them whatsoever would want to know that. But she won’t tell me.”

The emotional interview concluded with Smith’s damning words about the woman who would be president.

“Don’t believe Hillary,” she said. “She’s not telling the truth. She’s REALLY not telling the truth.”

That’s a message Americans should be carrying into the voting booth in November.

Just keep in mind, never trust the lamestream media’s partisanship and do not let them dissuade you. Make America Great Again!



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