Wacky WaPo: After Ridiculing ‘Conspiracy Theories,’ Lib Paper Promotes HUGE Conspiracy Theory

Original Source: http://www.westernjournalism.com/thepoint/2016/09/13/wacky-wapo-ridiculing-conspiracy-theories-lib-paper-promotes-huge-conspiracy-theory/

Allow me to share yet another post on The Donald’s campaign. Always keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


How often have liberal media outlets squinted and scowled at so-called “conspiracy theories” about Hillary Clinton’s health? How many times have people been slapped down and shoved into the idiot’s corner for daring to raise questions concerning the years of incidents and episodes calling Hillary’s medical condition into question?

And how about the classic misdirection plays liberal writers like Dave Weigel, national political correspondent of The Washington Post, try to run? Why, it happened on Tuesday, when Weigel sniffed and snorted his way through an extensive litany of examples of speculation concerning the health of the Democrat nominee. The title of his piece: “Body doubles, secret doctors: Clinton conspiracy theories blossom after pneumonia diagnosis.”

But did the learned Mr. Weigel note the giant elephant-in-the-room conspiracy theory his own colleague at the Post brought to the pages of the paper on Monday? Well, did he?

It should be noted that the headline of Weigel’s attack on what some people wonder about Hillary Clinton fails to note the real reason for the “blossoming” of so much speculation. It really should note that, rather than “after pneumonia diagnosis,” the eruption of some admittedly unusual, even extraordinary, theories occurred because of the pneumonia diagnosis.

Because the Clinton campaign had not been forthcoming. Because Hillary’s doctor had given at least two explanations of Hillary’s bizarre and troubling behavior before she fessed up to the latest: pneumonia. Because Hillary herself has a long and sordid history of lies, duplicity deception and misstatement.

In one sense, who can blame frustrated, fed-up folks who’ve caught on to the Clintons as relentless trust busters? Who can blame these angry Americans for offering their own versions of the truth when Hillary, her enablers and apologists simply won’t come clean?

So, what about that whopper of a conspiracy theory The Washington Post’s Dave Weigel failed to include in his detailed piece on Tuesday? The one that another Post writer, Cindy Boren, promoted on Monday?

Citing a couple of tweets from the Nigerian-born doctor who blew the whistle on the NFL’s cover-up of the widespread concussion problem among players, Boren gave credence to the suggestion that Hillary is possibly being poisoned. That her health issues could be the result of foul and nefarious deeds … committed by Donald Trump in cahoots with Vladimir Putin.

I kid you not. Bennet Omalu, the forensic pathologist whose story was famously told in the movie “Concussion,” made the suggestion that Hillary should undergo “toxicologic analysis” of her blood … because investigators might find poison.

Omalu sent out his tweets that the Post called attention to — in all seriousness — after Hillary’s Sunday collapse at the 9/11 ceremony in New York City.

The Post writer made sure her readers understand that, in her opinion, Dr. Omalu’s “credentials and tenacity are well known.”

OK, so one of the more “respected” newspapers in the country — widely read and quoted during the height of election seasons such as this — is seriously giving credence to the suggestion that the Republican nominee and the president of Russia are conspiring to kill Hillary Clinton with secretly delivered doses of poison?

If you’re waiting for the snicker brigade in the Clinton-defending media to line up to ridicule this one…don’t hold your breath.

Always remember, never accept the mainstream media’s buzz and never permit them to hamper you. Make America Great Again!



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