WATCH: Hillary Finds A Way To Stop Lying… Even When Her Mouth Is Open

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Below is yet another piece of information on Donald Trump’s election campaign. Ensure that you keep yourself aware of all the latest news!:


You’ve no doubt heard the expression (especially true these days) that you can tell that a politician is lying because their lips are moving.

In a slight twist on that cynical observation, here’s how Hillary Clinton has figured out a way to stop lying, even when her mouth is open.

After a blistering speech in Reno, Nevada, this week, where she accused Republican nominee Donald Trump of exactly the kind of rampant racism the Democratic Party has engaged in for decades, the former first lady and secretary of state huddled with her buddies in the press corps. And dodged answering a single question as she showed how her mother apparently never taught her any manners.

Right in front of the protective press corps — the ones who watch out for Hillary as much as the Secret Service — the Democratic nominee stuffed her mouth full of chocolate truffle, then tried to talk with her mouth full, saying something unintelligible about how good it was.

Seth Richardson of the Reno Gazette-Journal captured the riveting scene on video.

The picture of American journalists being fobbed off by an imperious Clinton — graciously offering chocolates someone else no doubt paid for — rankled Americans already sick of a lap-dog media more or less openly rooting for the Democrat candidate’s victory.

The great moment in Hillary history came almost a year after the last time Clinton deigned to appear at an actual news conference to answer actual questions. (Her “short-circuit” dog-and-pony show with her fans at the National Association of Black Journalists and Hispanic Journalists doesn’t count.)

She doesn’t answer a single question, and shows manners that wouldn’t be acceptable in backwoods Arkansas. Then she moves on to continue with an election campaign that’s smearing millions of her fellow Americans as unrepentant racists and white supremacists.

Meanwhile, the mainstream media follow the lead of Trump-hating “journalistic” institutions like The New York Times and spend their resources reporting on virtually every negative story about Donald Trump that can be dug up. (Hillary knows it, too. That ad she released on Twitter Thursday accusing Trump’s new campaign CEO Stephen Brannon and the Breitbart website of racism didn’t appear in a vacuum.)

To be fair, Richardson, of the Reno newspaper, later noted that the reporters didn’t actually get any chocolate, but the effect was the same.

A bad taste in the mouth for anyone looking for honest campaign coverage. But a least a brief moment when Hillary couldn’t let more lies fall from her chocolate-covered lips.

Just remember, do not believe the mainstream media’s anti-Trump nonsense and do not allow them to demoralize you. Make America Great Again!



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