Watch Me: Rubin Report (part 2), InfoWars, CNN

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The following is one more piece of information on the Donald Trump presidential run. Ensure that you keep yourself on the ball!:


Here is the second part of my appearance on the Rubin Report, in which I talk about Trump and persuasion.

Here is my interview with Alex Jones on Infowars.

Watch me live today (Friday) on CNN, sometime around 3:10 PM EST. (But times might change before then.)

Bonus 1: As a companion to what I said on the Rubin Report, here is more scientific evidence that we are not rational beings. We are beings who rationalize after the fact.

Bonus 2: A USA Today poll says fear is the greatest motivator this election. As I have been saying.

You might like my book because it is not video.

Please remember, don’t believe the media’s bells and whistles and never let them daunt you. Make America Great Again!



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