WATCH: The Perfect Way Sheriff Clarke Just Mocked ‘Hot Sauce’ Hillary, Praised Trump

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Here is yet another update on The Trump presidential run. Make sure you keep yourself aware of all the latest developments!:


He didn’t drop his “g’s.” He didn’t say “y’all.” And he never mentioned watermelon.

But when Donald Trump paid a visit to a black church in Detroit over the weekend as part of his outreach to overwhelmingly Democrat black voters, he did do something that top Democrats rarely do, Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke said.

And it could well pay off when it comes to election time in November.

Trump’s speech at Greater Faith Ministries International church spoke directly to black Americans about the needs and the opportunities in their community without the “condescending” approach of a Hillary Clinton, Clarke said.

“I liked the tone in which he talked to us. He talked to us like we’re adults, he didn’t talk to us like we’re a bunch of infants,” Clarke said on Fox News’ “Hannity.”

“And he didn’t show up in the very clumsy way like Mrs. Bill Clinton does, with the hot sauce in her purse and eating a plate of watermelon and thinking that’s cool.”

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The reply cracked up host Sean Hannity and fellow guest the Rev. Darrell C. Scott, CEO of the National Diversity Coalition for Trump. Scott has made his own mocking “black face” remarks about Hillary before, but Clarke was making a deadly serious point.

Nearly eight years after the election of the country’s first black president, no one can argue with a straight face that black Americans have benefited all that much from the race of the man in the White House.

As Hannity pointed out in the beginning of the show, the Obama presidency has seen a huge increase in blacks on food stamps (as well as whites), and a huge increase in blacks leaving the labor force in a stagnant economy (as well as whites.) In other words, Obama’s presidency has been as much of a disaster for black Americans as it has for whites, but Democrats are in no position to criticize it.

Trump is. And his speech in Detroit on Saturday proved the point.

Instead of talking about restoring voting rights to felons – a key Democrat play in outreach to the black voting bloc they depend on – Trump talked about the country needing a “civil rights agenda for our time,” one that focuses on education – and the right to live in “safety and in peace.”

Clarke said Trump is dead on.

“The civil rights agenda for the 21st century for the Democrats has been to mainstream criminal behavior and more rights for criminals,” said the Milwaukee County lawman.

“But [Trump] was very clear: Better schools for their kids, meaningful work, adequate housing. Things like that are what the black community needs.

“The problem with the Democrats right now is they can’t look and extoll the virtues of living in the ghetto because that could kind of end the whole thing. But they can’t say to black people, ‘look around, isn’t this great?’”

No, they can’t. Because they’re talking to adult Americans who’ve been watching Democrat promises destroy their communities for decades now. And all the Black Lives Matter riots in Ferguson and Baltimore and anywhere else aren’t going to change that. Neither will the bench-sitting, knee-dropping protests of America-bashing multi-millionaires like the NFL Niners’ Colin Kaepernick, no matter how much Obama tries to stick up for him.

In 2008 and 2012, the prospect of electing and re-electing the country’s first black president drove black voters to near universal support for Barack Obama.

If Donald Trump can eat away at that significantly, he’s making major steps toward winning the November election.

According to Sheriff Clarke and Rev. Scott, his speech on Saturday was a significant move in that direction.

And he did it without a plate of watermelon.

Just keep in mind, never believe the mainstream media’s pro-Hillary hype and do not permit them to distress you. Make America Great Again!



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